Another spam filter added for

Added a further ‘exclude’ filter to JURN, to further try to weed out the idiots who post resumes / CVs on the main URL path of (rather than in etc). I’d say the site increasingly needs an autonomous search-and-delete bot for resumes and similar spam, that can keep the core of focussed on its “Share your papers” mission.

Scholar Ninja

Scholar Ninja, new from Jure Triglav…

I’ve started building a distributed search engine for scholarly literature. … What makes Scholar Ninja unique is that all of its functions (indexing, searching, and distributed server) are contained within a browser extension. [and thus hardened against censorship] “What?”, I can hear you say, “How can that be? Since when can a browser be a server?” Since 3 years ago, when the almighty WebRTC was born. … [Scholar Ninja] is completely contained within a browser extension: install it from the Chrome Web Store. … beware that this is alpha software and may break completely.



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