Titles Indexed: Ecology related

A-Z list of the ecology related open journals and repositories indexed in the JURN search tool. Open Access or otherwise free. ‘Predatory’ ejournals are excluded.

This simple A-Z lists shows only titles published in English, although JURN includes titles in other languages.

Last updated: 11th September 2014. Last checked for link-rot: June 2014.

Annali di Botanica (Italy, in English)

Acta Agrobotanica (Polish Botanical Society. Plants accompanying crops, with special focus on plant-pollinator flora)

Acta Botanica Croatica (Croatian botany)

Acta Geographica Debrecina : Landscape and Environment Series (Hungary, in English)

Acta Mycologica (Polish Botanical Society. Fungi and lichens)

Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae (Polish Botanical Society. Plant science)

Advances in Ecology

Advances in Forestry Science

African Primates

Alces (biology and management of moose)

American Entomologist (2001-2009)

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

Animal Biotelemetry (remote tracking of animals using technology)

AoB Plants

Asia Pacific Journal of Environment Ecology and Sustainable Development (published by the Association of Tropical Rain Forest Conservation and Education, Nepal)

Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History

Applied Ecology and Environmental Research

Asian Journal of Conservation Biology

Asian Myrmecology (ants)

Aquatic Biosystems

Aquatic Invasions

Arctic Anthropology

Arthropods (invertebrates such as crabs and insects)

Atrium (ethics, bioethics)

American Museum Novitates (new discoveries in zoology, paleontology, and geology)

ARID : a journal on desert art, design, and ecology

Arquipelago : Life and Marine Sciences

ASEAN Biodiversity

Atlas of Maine (Environmental Studies Program, Colby College)

Australian Antarctic Magazine

Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology

Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal (AMOJ) (1952-current)

Avian Conservation and Ecology

Belgian Journal of Entomology

Belgian Journal of Zoology

Berliner Entomologische Zeitschrift (Insects. Open Access from 2014)

Biodiversity Data Journal

Biodiversity & Ecology

Biodiversity Journal


BioInvasions Records

Biological Evidence

Biology Open

BMC Biology

BMC Ecology

BMC Evolutionary Biology

Botanics Magazine (Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh)

Botanical Studies

Bothalia : African Biodiversity & Conservation

British Journal of Entomology and Natural History

Bulletin of the Allyn Museum (butterflies)

Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History

Bulletin of the British Museum, Natural History

Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History

Bulletin of Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Japan)

Bulletin of the Geobotanical Institute

Bulletin of the Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey (1887-2000)

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum in Belgrade

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum, Botany

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum, Geology

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum, Zoology

Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences (focus is on articles on natural history topics related to southern California, the Eastern Pacific and the New World)

Bulletin of the Society of Plant Ecology (Japan)

Butler University Botanical Studies (1929-1964)

Central and Eastern European Marine Repository

Cities and the Environment

Contributions in Science (Natural History Museum, LA)

Conservation Evidence

Conservation Physiology (how animals respond to environment change and stress, inc. during migration)

Contributions to Zoology

Culture, Climate, and Change : Biocultural Systems and Livelihoods

Current Herpetology (Herpetological Society of Japan, amphibians)

Current Zoology

Digital Repository Service of the National Institute Of Oceanography (India)

Earth Interactions (interactions between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere in global context. American Meteorological Society)

Ecology and Evolution

Ecology Law Quarterly

Ecological Processes

Ecologica Montenegrina (ecology of Montenegro, on the Adriatic Sea coast opposite to Italy)

Ecology and Society


EcoPrint (Nepal)



Entomologica Basiliensia et Collectionis Frey

Environmental Humanities

Environmental Research Letters

Environmental Systems Research

Estonian Journal of Ecology

Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

Ethnobiology and Conservation

Ethnobiology Letters

Ethnobotanical Leaflets

Ethnobotany Research and Applications

Fire Ecology

Flora of North America (newsletter of the Flora of North America Association)

Florida Entomologist

Florida Geographer, The


Forest Ecosystems

Forest History Today

Forest Systems

Forest Phytophthoras (moulds and rots)


Frontiers of Biogeography

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Frontiers in Environmental Science

Frontiers in Marine Science

Frontiers in Plant Science

Frontiers in Zoology

Future of Food : Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society

GMO Biosafety Research (organisms genetically modified by humans)

Herpetological Conservation and Biology (amphibians and reptiles)

History of the Ecological Sciences (series from Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America)

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Hystrix : the Italian Journal of Mammalogy (Mammals)

Ideas in Ecology and Evolution

Immediate Science Ecology (Queen’s University, Canada)

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences

Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge

Insecta Mundi (insect systematics)

International Forest Fire News

International Journal of Fungal Diversity

International Journal of Marine Science

International Journal of Molecular Ecology and Conservation

Interdisciplinary Journal of Maritime Studies

International Journal of Ecology

International Journal of Plant Biology

International Society for Tropical Ecology

International Journal of Wilderness

Irish Forestry (1943-2009)

Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology

JNCC report series (Joint Nature Conservation Committee, UK)

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management (toxic chemical pollutants in ecologies)

Journal of Biourbanism

Journal of Botany

Journal of Coastal Research

Journal of Conservation Planning

Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education

Journal of Ecological Anthropology

Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research

Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia

Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources

Journal of Environmental Sustainability (RIT)

Journal of Ecosystems

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine

Journal of Fisheries (India)

Journal of the Forestry Society of Croatia

Journal of Insect Biodiversity

Journal of Insect Science

Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society (butterflies)

Journal of Marine Animals and their Ecology

Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

Journal of the Marine Research Institute (Iceland)

Journal of Mosquito Research

Journal of Mountain Ecology

Journal of Negative Results : ecology and evolutionary biology

Journal of Nematology, The (nematodes)

Journal of Pollination Ecology

Journal of Tea Science Research (tea plant and its plantations)

Journal of Threatened Taxa

Journal of Tropical Forestry and Environment

Journal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism & Recreation Research

Journal of Vector Ecology

Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases

Journal of Vietnamese Environment

Kalmiopsis (Native Plant Society of Oregon)

Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science (“the official journal of the South African National Parks”)

Lakes, reservoirs and ponds (Romanian Journal of Limnology)

Landscapes : journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language

Living Reviews in Landscape Research

Madagascar Conservation and Development

Magazine of the New Zealand Antarctic Society

Macalester Reviews in Biogeography (2008-2010)

Malayan Nature Journal (Malaysia)

Management of Biological Invasions

Marine Institute Open Access Repository

Marine Research in Iceland

McIlvainea : Journal of American Amateur Mycology (fungi)

Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History

Mesopotamian Journal of Marine Science

Michigan Botanist

Microbes and Environments

Mires and Peat

Molecular Soil Biology

Monographiae Botanicae (Polish Botanical Society. Plant ecology and taxonomy)

MycoKeys (fungi)

Mycophile : Newsletter of the North American Mycological Association, The (fungi)

Natura Croatica (Natural biology and geology in Croatia)

Natural Hazards Informer

Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society

Natural Resources and Environmental Issues

Nature Conservation

NAMMCO Scientific Publications (Nordic region)

NeoBiota (alien invasions)

Nematropica (tropical and subtropical nematodes)

Nota Lepidopterologica (Palaearctic butterflies and moths).

Nuytsia (Western Australia)

Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan



Oklahoma Native Plant Record

Pachyderm : Journal of the African Elephant, African Rhino and Asian Rhino Specialist Groups

Pacific Ecologist

Pan American Journal of Aquatic Sciences

Pastoralism : Research, Policy and Practice (influence of policy on rangelands and livestock, consequent influence on ecologies)

Phyllomedusa : Journal of Herpetology (amphibians)

PhytoKeys (systematic botany)

Plankton & Benthos Research

Polar Research

Polish Botanical Journal (also here)

Proceedings the Botanical Society of the British Isles

Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science (1891-2010)

Proceedings and Transactions of the British Entomological and Natural History Society (1968-1987)

Proceedings & transactions of the South London Entomological & Natural History Society (1938-1967)

Proceedings of the International Forestry and Environment Symposium

Professional Papers (U.S. Geological Survey)

Rangelands (lands ranged over by grazing herd animals)

Revista Chilena de Historia Natural (Chile, in English)

Rocznik Dendrologiczny (2005-2007, dating and study of annual rings in trees)

Rostrum : Newsletter of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa

Salamandra : German Journal of Herpetology (amphibians)

Series of the Council for Arctic Flora and Fauna, Arctic Council

SEEFOR (South-East European Forestry)

Studies in Mycology | Studies in Mycology (fungi)

Soundscape : The Journal of Acoustic Ecology

Sustainability, Agriculture, Food and Environmental Research

Telopea (botany)

TeMA Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment

Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Transitional Waters Bulletin (river mouth ecosystems, lagoons, coastal lakes, brackish wetlands)

Tree Genetics and Molecular Breeding


Tropical Conservation Science

Tulane Studies in Zoology and Botany (2012-, Biodiversitylibrary.org has the archives)

Urban Habitats

Water-Supply Papers (U.S. Geological Survey)

Watsonia : journal of the Botanical Society of the British Isles

Web Ecology

West African Journal of Applied Ecology

Wetlands (Australia)


Wildlife Biology in Practice

Works (Croatian Forest Research Institute)

World Ocean Review

Zoologia Caboverdiana (Cape Verde Islands)

Zoological Research (China)

Zoological Studies

Zoologische Mededelingen

Zoosystematics and Evolution


Historical journals in the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Historical journals in SORA (80,000 journal articles and monographs documenting… “the history of ornithology in North America over the last 120 years”) and the journals of the open ejournals in ornithology list.

Historical collection of German botanical journals, 1753-1914 (Title pages only).

Old books in the collection at Botanicus.org (Title pages only).

The JSTOR pre-1923 journal articles via the Archive.org mirror.

Historical book archive of the U.S. National Park Service, and the U.S. Forest Service Research Publications archive.


All the other open access content indexed by JURN, open science journals including PLOS, and many titles in languages other than English (the latter not covered in this list).

Aquatic Commons, Woods Hole Open Access Server (oceanography), and other suitable subject repositories.

Forestry Commission publications, UK

Also of interest, but mostly not indexed by JURN due to their paywalls and/or undifferentiated URL structures:

Annals of Botany (one year paywall)

Aquatic Biology (two year paywall)

Arctic (one year paywall)

Biological Bulletin, The (one year paywall)

Biology Letters (one year paywall)

Endangered Species Research (four year paywall)

Evolutionary Applications (evolutionary biology, plant and animal adaptations to change)

Ecology and Evolution (all areas of ecology, evolution and conservation science)

FEMS Microbiology Ecology (one year paywall)

Journal of Molluscan Studies (one year paywall)

Journal of Plankton Research (one year paywall)

Journal of Plant Ecology (one year paywall)

Marine Ecology Progress Series (four year paywall)

Methods in Ecology and Evolution (two year paywall)

Monash Bioethics Review (two year paywall)

Native Plants Journal (2000-2004 only)

Plant Physiology (one year paywall)

South African Journal of Wildlife Research (two year paywall)

Water Resources Research (two year paywall)

Wild Lands Advocate (three year paywall)

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