JURN returns


Ooops. I left off all JURN activity for a month, to write a book (Tolkien, 180,000 words), and… the jurn.org webspace has vanished. The webspace hosting service got badly hacked, a while back, and the account details became disconnected from the credit-card details. The site’s still all there, just made inaccessible by the provider. I’m now considering my options, re: switching hosting/domain.

Anyway, while I get it sorted out, JURN is still accessible here:

JURN Search

This is a link to the ‘raw’ CSE page which is maintained by Google, and of course it never goes down. I see that it now offers the options for sort-by-date and image-search, which the fancy front-page was able to offer. It’s not so pretty or easy to remember the URL for, but it does the job.

The Directory of 3,000 arts & humanities journals in JURN can be had on this blog as a saved PDF.

And finally, GRAFT, my beta ‘all known repositories’ search-engine is still accessible, again via the Google-hosted version…

GRAFT : repository search, searching across full-text and records alike.


New book: Shadow Libraries

New from MIT Press and under CC, Shadow Libraries: Access to Educational Materials in Global Higher Education (PDF). Also available in paperback via Amazon etc. Surveys the evolution of the trend that has today become Sci-Hub, Libgen.io etc.

Added to JURN

Mashriq & Mahjar : journal of Middle East and North Africa Migration Studies

African Journal for Transformational Scholarship (Tanzania)

Soma : An International Journal of Theological Discourses and Counter-Discourses (Tanzania)

Southern African Humanities

Correspondences : Online Journal for the Academic Study of Western Esotericism

Botswana documents (planning, ecology, and natural resources in Chobe, Botswana, and the wider Zambezi region)

NJAS-Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences (1993-2008)

How to compare two texts side by side

How to compare two texts side by side, with line sync and more:

1. Get the free 32-bit Notepad ++. It must be the 32-bit version. Install, open, then close the software.

2. Get the free ComparePlugin for Notepad ++, which no longer ships with the software by default. Download the Unicode version, currently ‘Compare_1_5_6_UNI_dll.zip’. This is a 32-bit plugin and it cannot run with the 64-bit Notepad ++.

3. Unzip the plugin and extract ComparePlugin.dll, somewhere outside of C:\Program Files. Then copy/paste ComparePlugin.dll to…

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins

4. Restart Notepad ++. Open two files you wish to compare.

5. From the top menu in Notepad ++, run Compare from the Plugins menu…

You get sophisticated line-matching, line-synchronisation, and yet also clear identification of non-matching lines in either document.

Added to JURN

Littera Aperta

Mediterranea : International Journal on the Transfer of Knowledge

Museum Review, The

Visitor Studies

Epoiesen (creative engagement with history and archaeology)

UrbanScope (Urban-Culture Research Center, Osaka City University, Japan)

PMJS : Premodern Japanese Studies

Sunkyunkwan University Journal of East Asian Studies

Japan Studies Review

Japanese Religions

Transletters : International Journal of Translation and Interpreting (forthcoming, added)

Studies in Puritanism (forthcoming, added)

Offa’s Dyke Journal (forthcoming, noted – but has no website yet)

India culls 4,305 dubious journals

Nature India, May 2018: “India culls 4,305 dubious journals from approved list”

“India culls 4,305 dubious journals from approved list. … The University Grants Commission (UGC), which funds and oversees higher-education in India, has removed 4,305 spurious journals from a list of some 30,000 publications used for weighing academic performance.”

The Delhi Declaration on Open Access recently stated “20,000+ journals being published from India” alone.

Up-to-date JURN Directory returns

The Directory of 3,000 arts & humanities journals in JURN can now be had on this blog as a saved PDF, in its latest version (currently 20th May 2018). Those who disliked the scripted “bouncy-puppy” effect will be pleased to know the Directory’s sections are now fully expanded.

It’s been saved from the HTML as a PDF for A2 paper in landscape format, to accommodate the HTML wide-screen layout, although I doubt anyone will want to print it out at that size. Future updates will be versioned, with number and date added to the file-name.

Note that Microsoft Reader can’t seem to handle external Web links in PDFs. Adobe Acrobat, SumatraPDF etc work fine and offer clickable Web links. Some side-scrolling may be needed, if you have the likes of SumatraPDF hard-coded for magazine reading with ‘cover page + double-page spreads’.

Added to JURN

American Numismatic Society Magazine (2002-2014)

Journal of Pacific Archaeology (2010-, with three-year moving wall – although I don’t see that in operation)

Pakistan Journal of History & Culture (1998-2017, National Institute of Historical & Cultural Research, Islamabad)

Regional Studies (Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad)

Noted, but can’t index: Architectural Historian, The (UK)

NOA : Scientific Image Search

NOA : Scientific Image Search. A project currently indexing 2.7 million free-to-use scientific images, extracted from CC-BY sources along with metadata and links. As you’d expect, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov dominates the URL links. I searched for European Lynx and had good results (big kitties), though nothing high-res.

The extracted images and their data are also being copied over to Wikimedia, where Google Images will pick them up after a while — and offer high-res filters.

Incidentally, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov has its own public and official Open-i Biomedical Image Search Engine. A search for European Lynx shows it is indeed strictly biomedical.

Searching for Recent Anthropology and Archaeology Publications

“Searching for Recent Anthropology and Archaeology Publications”, a frank new paper in the ANSS Currents (Anthropology Section of the American Library Assoc.) Spring 2018 issue. The authors examined the apparently rather severe shortcomings of commercial anthropology databases such as Anthropology Plus (EBSCO), when used to try to find recent 2013-2017 faculty papers/chapters needed to support undergraduate essay research.

While Berkeley anthropologists are prolific and well-known, their works remain hidden even in a systematic search.