How to download a large page image from an Issuu magazine

How to download a large page image from an Issuu magazine:

1. Load the Issuu magazine.

2. Right click on the first page. “View Source”.

3. Near the top of the source code, look in the meta for link rel="image_src" href="[really-really-long-number---]/jpg/page_1.jpg"

4. Copy that image URL, and simply change page_1.jpg to page_18.jpg or whatever page you want to get. Note that the page numbering between the Issuu magazine’s display and the original PDF may be astray by a few pages, and a little recalibration may be needed.

Note also that you’re getting images of the page, not hi-res copies of the images used in the page. I’m guessing this process could be automated by a Web browser plugin, to rip and recompile a PDF from the page images.

Indexing of biomedical open access journals

A new PeerJ article claims to have looked at the indexing of 481 biomedical open access journals. It’s claimed that 86.7% were found to be listed in the DOAJ, while 36.5% were indexed in PubMed Central. However, given the level of detail in the paper itself, it seems odd to find that there’s no list given of the journal titles and URLs checked. They’re certainly not in the supplemental data file which is very misleadingly titled “All journals listed in the included databases, along with journal data”.

Radical Open Access Conference

I’ve just found out about the leftist Radical Open Access Conference in Coventry, UK, happening now…

“Two days of critical discussion and debate in support of an ‘alternative’ vision for open access and scholarly communication. The aim of the conference is to explore some of the intellectually and politically exciting ways of understanding open access that are currently available internationally. A particular emphasis is placed on those that have emerged in recent years in the arts, humanities and social sciences. … the conference will endeavour to strengthen alliances between the open access movement and other struggles …”

NewJour dead?

It appears that the NewJour journal listings service has died suddenly and vanished. On all Web pages I get a message that it…

“is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource.”

How to access your Amazon Listmania lists is making it almost impossible for user of its Listmania service (create themed lists of selected books, eg: best books on the history of Tomorrowland) to access their old lists from their personal Amazon profile. Here’s how to see a list of your lists…

Replace ADD-YOUR-ID-NUMBER-HERE with the number that shows up in the URL when you view your personal profile.


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