“Open Link in…”

Are you a veteran Google News searcher-and-clicker? Are you utterly fed up of having your view of the news article blanked after five seconds, by a “Sign up for our…!” screen-blocker?

Yes, there are things like “Enter Reader Mode” built in to Firefox, but you need to be at the page first, then you switch to Reader Mode. Instapaper, ditto. Wouldn’t it be quicker to:

Right-click on link > Open with Reader View mode.

Thereby bypassing completely any visit to the bloated version of the news page.

Thankfully there’s an add-on for that: Open in Reader View does the trick.

The only problem here is that, after you’ve quickly verified that you’ll want to read the article properly and at leisure, saving the page to Instapaper from within Reader View will throw up an error message from Instapaper…

To partly get around that you’ll want the Official Instapaper Add-on for Firefox (rather than the third-party Instasaver). Like Instasaver this can’t save from within Reader View, but unlike Instasaver it does allow you to click back to the Google News search results, then right-click on the link and “Save to Instapaper”.

With those two add-ons set up, you’ll never have to see the original bloated and block-happy page back at the newspaper or magazine. The add-ons still won’t get you past paywalls, but your News browsing and saving will be drastically speeded up.

If your browser can’t run the latest 0.2 of Open in Reader View, there’s an older version from Jan 2017 that works fine with Firefox 38 – 56. If your right-click menu needs pruning, Menu Wizard can do that with a simple list of check-box toggles.

I’d suggest that we also need a way to share that link-state in blogs etc. Via a browser plugin that understands a hyperlink link formed as:



Figured it out

Ooops. ‘Figures’ pages were being indexed in JURN for the verbose biomedical full-text website ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. Now they’re not, as I’ve excluded them.

Not that it mattered all that much, as they were being automatically suppressed by Google’s de-duplication and results ranking. In some cases Google appears to avoid ncbi.nlm.nih.gov altogether in favour of full-text at a better source repository. For instance, search JURN for the URL https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc3566601/ and find a link to the article at NCBI, but search for the same article’s title and Google ranks its MIT repository location as the first result — and ignores NCBI because it’s deemed a duplicate of the more worthy MIT.

Google Search no longer allows chaining of search modifiers?

Annoying. It appears that Google Search no longer allows the chaining of site: and inurl: in the same search query.

For instance…

site:http://www.moma.org/documents/ inurl:catalogue -“press release”

site:http://www.moma.org inurl:catalog

… and similar variants.

DuckDuckGo search has no such problem, though for full-text .PDFs you do need to knock out the MoMA giftshop at store.moma.org …

site:moma.org/documents/ inurl:catalogue -store

And the Duck censors certain results. Presumably certain MoMA catalogues are from artists whose names trigger the censorship filters?

The Finnish National Gallery under CC0

10,000 pictures from the Finnish National Gallery, newly online under CC0 Creative Commons.

Not all have preview thumbnails, but those that didn’t have one still gave me the picture as a high-res download. DPI on my test samples varied from 96 to 300. Most pictures, with a bit of adjustment, would be usable in a magazine. A few of my test samples looked visually as if they were quite highly compressed in JPEG, despite their file-size. Either that or the camera’s focus is not always as crisp on the picture surface as it might be. But possibly that’s done on the principle that users would rather sharpen in Photoshop than try to unsharpen.

Picture: “Girl from the Islands” (1929) by Helene Schjerfbeck.

http://www.europeana.eu obviously can’t be relied on the pick up all public domain items at the Gallery. Because a Google Images search for site:kokoelmat.fng.fi keyword found several “cat” images marked ‘Public Domain CC0’ that Europeana couldn’t find. Possibly that’s a result of Google’s A.I. automatically identifying what’s in a picture, and not relying only on metadata.

Added to JURN

Music & Science

Church Times (indexing only the book reviews)

Erasmus Law Review

Rechtsgeschichte : Legal History (partly in English)

Spanish Journal of Soil Science

Natuurtijdschriften (unified hub for 69 Dutch nature magazines, society journals and newsletters)


Public reports at the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) (USA). The EPA has also just announced that it… “will reverse long-standing EPA policy allowing regulators to rely on non-public scientific data in crafting rules [and in future all] EPA-funded studies would need to make all their data public.”

More GRAFTing

GRAFT has updated again. Now searching across 4,604 repositories, full-text and records alike. It’s very big, so it’s best used with sophisticated searches such as…

   intitle:Tolkien “Exeter College” Morgan

In this case, “Exeter College” focusses the results on his undergraduate years, while Morgan knocks out the potted biographies which inevitably mention Tolkien’s childhood guardian Fr. Morgan.