Bing Predict

The Bing search engine is now offering predictions

“… teams within Bing have been experimenting with useful ways that we can harness the power of Bing to model outcomes of events. … Today we are bringing these insights directly to our search results pages. Based on a variety of different signals including search queries and social input from Facebook and Twitter, we are unveiling an experiment we’ve built to give you our prediction of the outcome of a given event.”

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The Interpreters’ Newsletter

Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione | International Journal of Translation (Latest two issues are mostly in English)

Ethics & Politics (About 30% of the articles are in English)

Esercizi Filosofici (Philosophy. About 30% of the articles are in English)

Incontri di filologia classica (Classics. Has occasional articles in English)

Indexed the PDF archive of the journals at the Asian Network for Scientific Information (aka ANSINetwork). The ANSINetwork appeared on the main Beall’s List in 2012, but a few errors of typing and English grammar were all he could provide as evidence. The ANSINetwork is currently on Beall’s ‘questionable’ list of publishers, but not on his main list of ‘predatory’ publishers. I’m indexing the ANSINetwork’s PDF articles in JURN because I note that the ANSINetwork titles are still in the DOAJ, even after the DOAJ’s rigorous cleanout in 2013. In the case of the ANSINetwork I now feel that Beall needs to come up with much harder evidence.

Kalmiopsis (Native Plant Society of Oregon)

Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research

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Annali di Botanica (In English)

Asian Myrmecology (Ants)

Biodiversity & Ecology

Bulletin of the Society of Plant Ecology (Japan)

Ecology Law Quarterly

Ecoprint : An International Journal of Ecology

Estonian Journal of Ecology

Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

Fire Ecology

Folia Oecologica (Institute of Forest Ecology, Slovakia)

Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology

Journal of Mountain Ecology

Journal of Pollination Ecology

Journal of Vector Ecology

Microbes and Environments

Plankton & Benthos Research

PhilPapers tries new access model

PhilPapers is the free index and search tool that comprehensively tracks philosophy papers online (paywall, open, and ‘citations only’). They’re now calling for supporting subscriptions from academic institions, and will restrict feature access for those who don’t subscribe…

“To sustain PhilPapers in the long run, we need financial support for new technical and administrative staff. … the best way forward is a model involving annual subscriptions for large institutions. Starting on 1st July 2014, the PhilPapers Foundation requires that research and teaching institutions offering a B.A. or higher degree in philosophy subscribe to PhilPapers in order to have the right of access to its index. … Access … remains free for individuals accessing PhilPapers from home. Institutions that do not subscribe will have their access limited in various ways.”

Great idea. It’ll be really interesting to see what they restrict, how they do it, and if it actually works.

Cast out your dead

When mooching around the Web I quite often land on fairly newly minted college and university library guides to online research. Many of these seem to be made by copying and pasting old link lists from their older pages, or are perhaps even copied from other libraries. What’s worrying is that some librarians are obviously not even clicking through on the old links, to check the services are still there. The giveaways are usually the inclusion on a new list of dead sites like Open J-Gate, Scirus, or links to internal DOAJ pages that vanished in the reorganisation at the end of December 2013.

Added to JURN

Techne Series (Crafts education and science)

InFormation : Nordic Journal of Art and Research

Information Standards Quarterly

Anemoi Journal (“Classics, Medieval and Renaissance, and Early Modern”)

Res Cogitans (Philosophy)

Essays in Philosophy

Zoosystematics and Evolution

Zoological Research (China)

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management (effects of toxic chemical pollutants)

6th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

The 6th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing is to be hosted by UNESCO in Paris, 17th–19th September 2014. The 2013 conference presentations are online free as video and audio.

For the 2014 event it’d be great to hear someone talking frankly about “the spectre at the feast” of open access, by which I mean discoverability by search. Imagine the citation advantage and impact OA could have, if only more people could easily find it.


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