Retraction Watch boosted by $400,000 grant

Retraction Watch has been given a $400,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, “to create a comprehensive database of retractions, allowing us to hire our first staff writer”.

Depending on the form it takes this could potentially be indexed by JURN? It would have to be one retraction, one page, and have the OA status indicated in the URL path — http://www.database.fuz/articles/oa/article725.html

Added to JURN

Added additional URLs that deepen coverage of free publications from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the World Bank.

Partly indexed all Turkish open access journals, via their new national aggregator. A few journals have archive articles hosted on the aggregator itself, but for the most part the aggregator currently only indexes linked TOCs for current issues, not the TOCs for archived issues. Turkey appears to be following the example of Latin America and Spain/Portugal in the breadth of its commitment to open access.

All Taylor & Francis open access articles, through only at the level of author + title + link.

Added an additional URL for ResearchGate, to index a further 20m full-text PDFs posted there. Rest assured that JURN is still taking measures to exclude the personal CVs that infest the ResearchGate site.

Added the 800 or so per-archive record pages located at the European History Primary Sources directory. It is hoped that these may lead searchers to discover free online collections of primary source documents.

Google Scholar’s advantages

A new blog post from Aaron Tay, “5 things Google Scholar does better than your library discovery service”, looking at the huge market advantages enjoyed by Google Scholar. The main points in summary:

* Intake and update: Google intakes, refreshes and updates very quickly.

* Automated detection: The Google bot spots and indexes academic articles wherever those are located.

* Relevancy ranking: It’s certainly not perfect, but is vastly better than anyone else’s.

* Clear and fast: Simple interface, a few useful widgets and filters. Additional features are accessed only via typed-in search modifiers or the well-hidden “Advanced” form.

* Cross-platform: Scholar can be tweaked to become a seamless gateway into paid subscription services.

OA academic search: group test

Here’s another quick group test of academic search tools that index open access or otherwise free academic papers. It follows JURN’s recent large number of additions of ecology related sources. The test search is on the popular topic of “mountain gorillas”, with a tourism keyword that is intended to skew results toward papers and chapters useful for understanding the inter-relationship of gorillas with tourism. Not a very sophisticated search, but the sort of thing that an age 16-18 college student or undergraduate might input.

Search: “mountain gorillas” tourism

JURN group test: “mountain gorillas” tourism
July 2015. Searching for free full-text academic articles, theses, reports or book chapters in English. I clicked through on possible results and evaluated.
Journal Click ?   Now requires registration / payment to use, and the search box has been removed. Thus it was not tested. It performed very poorly in previous tests.
DOAJ 0   Used ‘Article’ search. Zero from one result.
JournalTOCS 0   Zero from one result.
Paperity 0   Checked first 25 results. Closest possibility seemed to be the general short survey article “Exploring Sustainable Tourism in Nigeria for Developmental Growth”, but on investigation the text had no mention of gorillas.
Journal Seek 0   Zero results.
PQDT Open 0   Zero from five results.
Ingenta Connect 0   Zero from three results
CORE 0   Filtered search by English language, full-text only. Looked at first three pages of results. Results were a disparate jumble of general tourism items, though CORE did manage to bring the political anthropology dissertation “Lines in the sand: An anthropological discourse on wildlife tourism” to the top, but this was only tangentially relevant.
Microsoft Academic 1   1 from eight results. “Measuring the demand for nature-based tourism in Africa”, a UK economics experiment asking potential tourists about their likely choices around a hypothetical visit to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
OATD 1   1 from two results. 2014 PhD thesis, asking if tourism reduces poverty-related forest mis-use by local people, in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, a key mountain gorillas tourism destination.
OAlib 1   OAlib gave a jumble of general results for tourism in mountains, but had nothing specific on the first page for either Africa or gorillas. Second page had the 2011 article “Extreme Conservation Leads to Recovery of the Virunga Mountain Gorillas” at PLOS One, among another jumble of irrelevant results.
Google Search 1   Used a Web browser not signed in to Google, forced results (not .uk). Newspapers (Guardian, Daily Mail, CNN, FT etc) and magazine (National Geographic) articles, amid charity and tourist holiday booking sites. Got one good result, the World Bank’s report “The success of tourism in Rwanda – Gorillas and more”, as result No.15. Checked the first thirty results. A short interview by the Breakthrough Institute, “Extreme Conservation of Gorillas”, was judged too journalistic and tangential to be a result.
OpenAIRE 1   The one likely candidate, 2001’s “Ecological and economic impacts of gorilla-based tourism in Dzanga-Sangha, Central African Republic”, proved to have no full text available. But trying a different search access point into OpenAIRE surfaced one useful item, “Habituation, ecotourism and research for conservation of western gorillas in Central African Republic”.
Mendeley 2   Searched ‘Articles’ only, then filtered for Open Access articles only. After the first ten results, results dissipated into general/unrelated tourism items. One useful result provided some deep historical background to the current tourism: “Memories of Walter Baumgartel (1902-1997): pioneering promoter of the mountain gorillas of Uganda”. Another was more about the general conservation measures, but useful, “Extreme conservation leads to recovery of the Virunga mountain gorillas”.
Digital Commons Network (BePress) 2   I switched out of the Arts and Humanities section for this search. I had 17 results, two of them strong, with another three being very broad critical studies of aspects of eco-tourism aesthetics.
FreeFullPDF 5    From 26 results. Three tourism items (“Measuring the demand for nature-based tourism in Africa” in which gorillas was used as test topic; “The success of tourism in Rwanda – Gorillas and more”; “Development AND gorillas? Assessing fifteen years of integrated conservation and development in south-western Uganda”; and “Memories of Walter Baumgartel (1902-1997)”. Plus two partially relevant items on general conservation (“Extreme Conservation Leads to Recovery of the Virunga Mountain Gorillas”; and “Sustainable Conservation of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and community welfare improvement”).
BASE 5   I chose the facet to “boost open access documents”. 24 results, with many duplicates. Some possible results turned out to lack full-text. One promising article, “Benefits to the poor from gorilla tourism in Rwanda”, proved to be paywalled at $76(!).
Google Scholar 6    Checked first 40 results. Results tended to focus strongly on gorilla disease, diet, mating and population dynamics. But among these were three full-text open papers on ape tourism and disease transfer to/from them, which had not been surfaced in the test before (“Habituating the great apes: the disease risks”; “Ape tourism and human diseases: how close should we get”; “Anthropozoonotic … infections in habitats of free-ranging human-habituated gorillas, Uganda”). Plus another three, including a pirate copy of “Who is on the gorilla’s payroll? Claims on tourist revenue from a Ugandan National Park”, and the World Bank report “The success of tourism in Rwanda: Gorillas and more”, plus the ubiquitous PLOS One article “Extreme conservation leads to recovery of the Virunga mountain gorillas”. Many of the full-text links offered at Scholar came via
OPENDoar 10   Examined first 40 results. The World Bank report “The success of tourism in Rwanda: Gorillas and more” was at No.4, followed by the ubiquitous PLOS One article “Extreme conservation leads to recovery of the Virunga mountain gorillas”. Some duplicates. One prospective item (“Evaluating the prospects of benefit sharing schemes in protecting mountain gorillas in Central Africa”) led to a $38 paywall whereas JURN found it free, while others (“The role of tourism in post-conflict peacebuilding in Rwanda”) led to records that had no full-text. Most useful was the indexing of the German-run on-the-ground Gorilla Journal, offering articles such as community opinion research among local people, “Gorilla Habituation and Ecotourism – a Social Perspective” (June 2014); “Western Gorilla Tourism: Lessons Learned from Dzanga-Sangha” (Dec 2006); and “Ten Years of Gorilla Tourism in Mgahinga” (June 2004). However, these three article titles were not highlighted in search and were instead deeply embedded in single issue PDFs of Gorilla Journal. (I regret that Gorilla Journal is not yet indexed in JURN, but it will be added soon).
JURN 15   Looked at first 40 results, the link titles of which are given below. There were a number of duplicates in the first four pages. A key finding is that JURN is now large enough to easily provide strong results through to result No.100. So, given a well-formed search, people who are habituated to just look at the first ten results in Google should explore the full set of 100 results in JURN.

JURN results:

1. * “The success of tourism in Rwanda – Gorillas and more”.
2. “Extreme Conservation of Gorillas”.
3. * “Evaluating the Prospects of Benefit Sharing Schemes in Protecting Mountain Gorillas in Central Africa”.
4. “Human Metapneumovirus Infection in Wild Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda”.
5. “The Success of Tourism in Rwanda: Gorillas and More” (duplicate of No.1).
6. “Conserving critically endangered central African Mountain Gorillas from poaching threats”.
8. “Dian Fossey’s Controversial “Active Conservation” Proves Useful in Increasing Mountain Gorilla Awareness”.
9. * Best Practice Guidelines for Great Ape Tourism (78 page book from the IUCN)
10. “Diversity of Microsporidia, Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Mountain Gorillas”.

11. “(Gorilla beringei beringei) in Bwindi Impenetrable” (mis-titled in results link, actually has main title “Landscape predictors of current and future distribution of mountain gorillas”)
12. * “Economics of Gorilla Tourism in Uganda”.
13. * “Extreme Conservation Leads to Recovery of the Virunga Mountain Gorillas”.
14. “Genetic census reveals increased but uneven growth of a critically endangered mountain gorilla population”.
15. “Murdered: the Virunga Gorillas” (National Geographic article from 2008, on pressures from militias, refugees and charcoal burners).
16. “Mountain Gorillas: Three Decades of Research at Karisoke”.
17. “Cambridge Books Online” (Free book chapter from Cambridge University Press, “Long-term research and conservation of the Virunga mountain gorillas”, from the book Science and Conservation in African Forests).
18. “The Success of Tourism in Rwanda: Gorillas and More” (another duplicate of No.1).
19. “Impacts of tourism and recreation in Africa” (Encyclopedia of Earth, short introductory article by the U.N.).
20. * “Gorilla-based Tourism: a Realistic Source of Community Income in Cameroon? Case study of the villages of Goungoulou and Karagoua”.

21. “Gentle Gorillas, Turbulent Times” (National Geographic article from 1995).
22. “Mountain Gorilla PHVA Final Report 1997″.
23. “Consequences of Non-Intervention for Infectious Disease in African Great Apes”.
24. * “VIRUNGA MASSIF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT PLAN”. (2005. A useful baseline for understanding what was expected of the gorilla tourism in Rwanda).
25. * “Chimpanzee Tourism in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania”. (Not gorillas, but included because possibly useful for comparison).
26. * “THE RWANDAN GORILLA PROJECT” (Detailed charity prospectus proposal to UK investors, for a gorilla tourism venture. Another useful baseline for understanding what was expected of the gorilla tourism in Rwanda, from the investor point of view).
27. * “Development AND gorillas? Assessing fifteen years of integrated conservation and development in south-western Uganda”.
28. “Population dynamics of the Bwindi mountain gorillas”.
29. * “Evaluating the prospects of benefit sharing schemes in protecting mountain gorillas in Central Africa”. (Free full-text at JURN, but behind a $38 paywall at OPENDoar — see the OPENDoar entry given above).
30. “Dian Fossey’s Controversial “Active Conservation” Proves Useful in Increasing Mountain Gorilla Awareness” (Duplicate of No.8).

31. * “THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF THE MOUNTAIN GORILLA PROTECTED FORESTS (The Virungas and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park). Final Report”. (Has 12 pages of rigourous examination of the value of gorilla tourism).
32. “Evaluating the prospects of benefit sharing schemes in protecting mountain gorillas in Central Africa”. (Duplicate).
33. * “From vision to narrative: A trial of information-based gorilla tourism in the Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon”.
34. “From vision to narrative: A trial of information-based gorilla tourism in the Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon”. (Duplicate of No.32).
35. Diversity of Microsporidia, Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Mountain … (Duplicate of No.10)
36. * “Gorilla Tourism: Uganda uses tourism to recover from decades of violent conflict”.
37. “Plumptre et al 2003 Current status of gorillas” (Cambridge University free book chapter, “The current status of gorillas and threats to their existence at the beginning of a new millennium”)
38. “Community-based forest enterprise development for improved livelihoods and biodiversity conservation: a case study from Bwindi World Heritage site, Uganda” (Short, and rather too tangential, but useful in showing the gorilla tourism in the context of other micro-livelihoods such as honey, oyster mushrooms, handicrafts, growing passion fruits and Irish potatoes).
39. “Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda” (Encyclopedia of Earth, short introductory article by the U.N.).
40 “20 Years of IGCP: Lessons Learned in Mountain Gorilla Conservation”.

Results stayed on-topic for mountain gorillas and/or related tourism right through to result No.100, with another 10 or so results that would have been very useful — but which were not counted for the purposes of this test.

JURN and the geosciences

I’m pleased to say that JURN is now nearer to becoming a useful search tool for open access journal articles in the geosciences. JURN already had moderately good coverage of this science, but after discovering the American Geosciences Institute’s handy directory of Open Access Journals in geosciences I have been able to index a further 30 geoscience journals. I’ve also started to add a list of around 40 further journals that were previously missing from JURN — most of the remaining missing journals are from small nations such as Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, etc, and these will be added over the next month or so. In using AGI to compile a list of the missing geoscience journals I’ve taken care to consider only journals from reputable publishers (the AGI’s directory appears to have an open policy of listing all applicants).

GoogleMonkeyR fix – July 2015

Changes at Google Search have broken GoogleMonkeyR in Firefox. Working fix here.


This GoogleMonkeyR fix will break an old version of Google Hit Hider By Domain, but upgrading Hit Hider to the latest 1.6.6 version will fix that too. Install 1.6.6, copy the blocklist from the old 1.6.x, import it over into 1.6.6 then disable 1.6.

The result is perfect for desktop-based ‘power searchers’ — an elegant no-scrolling at-a-glance display of Google Search results, suitable for a widescreen PC monitor and with unwanted results/domains hidden.

Extra features for JURN

I’ve enabled Speech Input for the JURN search box. So far as I can tell this doesn’t impact the speed or overall search experience. But the new feature may be useful for those using certain smartphones or text-to-speech software on a desktop PC.

I’ve also experimentally enabled the “Image” search tab, which now sits alongside a tab for “Web” search results. The “Image” results are drawn from the same set of URLs as the main search. Due to JURN’s large size the “Image” results may take a second or so to appear. This doesn’t appear to impact the speed of the main “Web” search results, since “Image” results are not loaded simultaneously.

“Image” results only start to become usefully focussed when using phrases such as [“banana cultivation” spacing]. Those who just use a short string of keywords, such as [banana cultivation spacing], will often see what initially looks like it might be a useful selection. But on closer investigation these results can be somewhat off-topic, for instance line drawings showing how to plant cocoa and mango plants as well as bananas. As with the main search, to get the best out of JURN’s new “Image search” it’s best to uses phrases with additional keywords, and to be as specific in your keyword choice as possible.

Ohio State Press OA books

A fine selection of older out-of-print academic books from the Ohio State Press in open access. “PDF files contain the complete text of the book and may be used for any non-commercial purpose. The text remains copyright by the author.”

Cincinnati: Queen City of the West, 1819–1838
Bernard Shaw and the Aesthetes
Matthew Arnold, John Ruskin, and the Modern Temper
The Resonance of Dust: Essays on Holocaust Literature and Jewish Fate
A Distinction of Stories: The Medieval Unity of Chaucer’s Fair Chain of Narratives for Canterbury
Paintings from Books: Art and Literature in Britain, 1760–1900
Epistolarity: Approaches to a Form
Oil Baron of the Southwest: Edward L. Doheny and the Development of the Petroleum Industry in California and Mexico
Rhetoric & Pluralism: Legacies of Wayne Booth
Jane Austen’s Novels: The Fabric of Dialogue
The Novels of William Golding
Domesticating the Street: The Reform of Public Space in Hartford, 1850–1930
Authors, Publishers and Politicians: The Quest for an Anglo–American Copyright Agreement 1815–1854
Hawthorne’s Son: The Life and Literary Career of Julian Hawthorne
Misreading Jane Eyre: A Postformalist Paradigm
Coping with Joyce: Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium
Samuel Beckett: Humanistic Perspectives
Joyce in the Hibernian Metropolis: Essays
The Lost Dream: Businessmen and City Planning on the Pacific Coast, 1890–1920
The Escape Motif in the American Novel: Mark Twain to Richard Wright
Crossing the Shadow–Line: The Literature of Estrangement
The Woman Who Murdered Black Satin: The Bermondsey Horror
James Thurber: A Bibliography
Fallout: A Historian Reflects on America’s Half-Century Encounter with Nuclear Weapons
The Letters of John Ruskin to Lord and Lady Mount-Temple
Concealments in Hemingway’s Works
Cities Built to Music: Aesthetic Theories of the Victorian Gothic Revival
Cities Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830–1870
The Power of Sympathy
The Profession of Authorship in America, 1800–1870: The Papers of William Charvat
Structural Arithmetic Metaphor in the Oxford “Roland”
Planning for the Private Interest: Land Use Controls and Residential Patterns in Columbus, Ohio, 1900–1970
The Dramatic World of Harold Pinter: Its Basis in Ritual
Arthurian Fictions: Rereading the Vulgate Cycle
Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria: Text and Meaning
To the Pole: The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd, 1925–1927. Edited by Raimund E. Goerler.
Theophrastus on Stones: A Modern Edition with Greek Text, Translation, Introduction and Commentary
The Dramatic Unity of Huckleberry Finn
Regulated Enterprise: Natural Gas Pipelines and Northeastern Markets, 1938–1954
Structure and Theme: “Don Quixote” to James Joyce
Froude’s Life of Carlyle
Charles Dickens and His Original Illustrators
Thackeray’s Canvass of Humanity: An Author and His Public
Suburb in the City: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 1850–1990
Sidney Kingsley: Five Prizewinning Plays
Figurative Design in Hamlet: The Significance of the Dumb Show
Audience, Words, and Art: Studies in Seventeenth–Century French Rhetoric
Libertine Strategies: Freedom and the Novel in Seventeenth-Century France
Making Midwives Legal: Childbirth, Medicine, and the Law
Managing Industrial Decline: The British Coal Industry between the Wars
In the Pride of the Moment: Encounters in Jane Austen’s World
Rousseau’s Socratic Aemilian Myths: A Literary Collation of Emile and the Social Contract
Garrick’s Jubilee
Werner von Siemens: Inventor and International Entrepreneur
Faith and Action: A History of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati, 1821–1996
The Legislative Committee: A Comparative Analysis of Fifty States
Henry E. Huntington and the Creation of Southern California
The Mythographer
Social Structures in Molière’s Theater
Black Swamp Farm
Byron’s Bulldog: The Letters of John Cam Hobhouse to Lord Byron
Vox Populi: Violence and Popular Involvement in the Religious Controversies of the Fifth Century A.D.
Empire and Revolution: The United States and the Third World since 1945
Virgil and The Tempest: The Politics of Imitation
The Tenniel Illustrations to the “Alice” Books
Mark Rutherford: The Mind and Art of William Hale White
Parody and Decadence: Laforgue’s Moralités légendaires
Joyce’s Moraculous Sindbook: A Study of Ulysses
French and Provençal Lexicography: Essays Presented to Honor Alexander Herman Schutz
Love and Language: A Study of the Classical French Moralist Writers
The Arundel Harington Manuscript of Tudor Poetry: Volume I
The Arundel Harington Manuscript of Tudor Poetry: Volume II
The Singing of the Real World: The Philosophy of Virginia Woolf’s Fiction
Puritan Temper and Transcendental Faith: Carlyle’s Literary Vision
Getting Around Brown: Desegregation, Development, and the Columbus Public Schools
Rousseau’s Occasional Autobiographies
The Art and Science of Victorian History
Making Pictures: The Pinter Screenplays
Eagle-Picher Industries: Strategies for Survival in the Industrial Marketplace, 1840–1980
The Letters of Arthur Henry Hallam
Island Heritage: A Guided Tour to Lake Erie’s Bass Islands
The Theater in the Fiction of Marcel Proust
Simoniacal Entry into Religious Life from 1000 to 1260
Art & Anger: Reading Like a Woman
Breaking the Frame: Metalepsis and the Construction of the Subject
Framing Anna Karenina: Tolstoy, the Woman Question, and the Victorian Novel
Epic to Novel
Pope’s Horatian Poems
The Pillar of the World: Antony and Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Development
Cops and Bobbies: Police Authority in New York and London, 1830–1870. Second Edition.
Changing Plans for America’s Inner Cities: Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine and Twentieth-Century Urbanism
The Legend of Romeo and Juliet
The Endless Fountain: Essays on Classical Humanism
Friday’s Footprint: Structuralism and the Articulated Text
And Sin No More: Social Policy and Unwed Mothers in Cleveland 1855–1990
Toward a Working-Class Canon: Literary Criticism in British Working-Class Periodicals, 1816–1858
The Holy War
A Mental Revolution: Scientific Management since Taylor
Immanence and Transcendence: The Theater of Jean Rotrou (1609–1650)
Causality and Narrative in French Fiction from Zola to Robbe–Grillet
The Imagined World of Charles Dickens
Brecht’s America
Senates: Bicameralism in the Contemporary World
The Novel in Motion: An Approach to Modern Fiction
Hawthorne Centenary Essays
The Language of Riddles: New Perspectives
The Early American Novel
Narrative as Rhetoric: Technique, Audiences, Ethics, Ideology
Reading People, Reading Plots: Character, Progression, and the Interpretation of Narrative
Understanding Narrative
Shakespeare’s History Plays: The Family and the State
Making It Whole: A Victorian Circle and the Shape of Their World
The Mark and the Knowledge: Social Stigma in Classic American Fiction
Before Reading: Narrative Conventions and the Politics of Interpretation
The Progress of Romance: Literary Historiography and the Gothic Novel
Word and Figure: The Language of Nineteenth–Century French Poetry
A Glance Beyond Doubt: Narration, Representation, Subjectivity
Women and Prenatal Testing: Facing the Challenges of Genetic Technology
Convergences: Rhetoric and Poetic in Seventeenth–Century France
The Knot of Artifice: A Poetic of the French Lyric in the Early 17th Century
Fowles/Irving/Barthes: Canonical Variations on an Apocryphal Theme
The Taciturn Text: The Fiction of Robert Penn Warren
The English Dream Vision: Anatomy of a Form
Becoming Browning: The Poems and Plays of Robert Browning, 1833–1846
A World of Possibilities: Romantic Irony in Victorian Literature
A Glance Beyond Doubt: Narration, Representation, Subjectivity
Social Protest in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel
The Reminiscences of Alexander Dyce
Victorian Pastoral: Tennyson, Hardy, and the Subversion of Forms
Reforming Juvenile Detention: No More Hidden Closets
The New York Approach: Robert Moses, Urban Liberals, and Redevelopment of the Inner City
William James: Selected Unpublished Correspondence 1885–1910
Thomas Worthington: Father of Ohio Statehood
Anne Thackeray Ritchie Journals and Letters
Corneille, Tasso and Modern Poetics
In the Grip of Minos: Confessional Discourse in Dante, Corneille, and Racine
Exiles and Strangers: A Reading of Camus’s Exile and the Kingdom
Rough in Brutal Print: The Legal Sources of Browning’s Red Cotton Night–Cap Country
Virtue of Necessity: Inconclusiveness and Narrative Form in Chaucer’s Poetry
The Look of Distance: Reflections on Suffering and Sympathy in Modern Literature—Auden to Agee, Whitman to Woolf
Language and Reality in Swift’s A Tale of a Tub
Shakespeare’s Patterns of Self-Knowledge
Timon of Athens: Shakespeare’s Pessimistic Tragedy
Tolstoy in Prerevolutionary Russian Criticism
Hopedale: From Commune to Company Town, 1840–1920
Men and Violence: Gender, Honor, and Rituals in Modern Europe and America
The Summons of Death on the Medieval and Renaissance English Stage
After the Vows Were Spoken: Marriage in American Literary Realism
“The Gentle Voices of Teachers”: Aspects of Learning in the Carolingian Age
The Argument of Ulysses
Fact Into Figure: Typology in Carlyle, Ruskin, and the Pre–Raphaelite Brotherhood
The Passenger Train in the Motor Age: California’s Rail and Bus Industries, 1910–1941
Rebuilding Cleveland: The Cleveland Foundation and Its Evolving Urban Strategy
Lyric Provinces in the English Renaissance
Stephen and Bloom At Life’s Feast: Alimentary Symbolism and the Creative Process in James Joyce’s “Ulysses”
Psychological Politics of the American Dream: The Commodification of Subjectivity in Twentieth-Century American Literature
The Foreward Movement of the Fourteenth Century
Carlyle and the Search for Authority
Daniel Willard and Progressive Management on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
A Circle of Friends: The Tennysons and the Lushingtons of Park House
Gendered Interventions: Narrative Discourse in the Victorian Novel
Theology and Poetry in the Middle English Lyric: A Study of Sacred History and Aesthetic Form
L’Ecriture et le Reste: The Pensées of Pascal in the Exegetical Tradition of Port-Royal
Freshest Advices: Early Provincial Newspapers in England
Literature and History in the Age of Ideas: Essays on the French Enlightenment Presented to George R. Havens
Washing “The Great Unwashed”: Public Baths in Urban America, 1840–1920
Court Satires of the Restoration
The Ordeal of Mr. Pepys’s Clerk
Eros Under Glass: Psychoanalysis and Mallarmé’s “Hérodiade”
At Last, The Real Distinguished Thing: The Late Poems of Eliot, Pound, Stevens, and Williams

ScienceDirect’s OA filters

I’m not given to hanging around ScienceDirect (Elsevier), but it’s nice to know that it now has a handy one-click way to filter its hybrid journals, so that the journal TOC shows only open access articles. Journals have a simple sidebar link that only shows up if there actually are OA articles available. Possibly this feature is not all that new, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed it.

ScienceDirect’s directory of its gazillion journal titles can also now be filtered down to a much more manageable single-page list of their full OA titles. As such, the following full OA journals have been identified and their URLs will be added to JURN soon…

Frontiers of Architectural Research

Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research
Global Ecology and Conservation
Journal of Marine and Island Cultures
Procedia Environmental Sciences
Studies in Mycology


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