Flickr continues to decline

The once-great Flickr continues to deteriorate

computer generated tags have been added retrospectively to everyone’s photos … If you want to delete a Flickr generated tag you have to do it tag by tag, photo by photo.

It seems just about every small furry animal is now auto-tagged as ‘dog, cat, pet’. Even when it’s very clearly titled and tagged as a Pine Marten. There’s obviously absolutely zero checking of the picture’s surround context, and the new tagging is all coming from some dumb autobot.



How to un-dumb blog posting

In a blog, you can now use a Greasemonkey script to get you past the dumb and childish “Beep Beep Boop” method of posting to your blog. Seems to work fine in the Firefox browser, as starting a new blog post takes me to the full-featured Classic editor. Why is this script needed?…

“on March 13, 2015, the preference setting for the choice of [ blog] editor, which was implemented by a cookie through a link back to the classic editor, was removed.”


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