A fine feature article and photo-story in The Atlantic: “The Monk Who Saves Manuscripts From ISIS”

“… the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) … is dedicated to preserving endangered manuscripts on microfilm and in digital format. So far, it has managed to photograph more than 140,000 complete manuscripts, for a total of more than 50,000,000 handwritten pages … 2,000 out of the 6,000 manuscripts digitize[d] in Iraq between 2009 and 2014 have been lost or destroyed. Other manuscripts digitized in Syria may have suffered the same fate.”

The Hill Museum and Manuscript Library has a Virtual Reading Room in which one can browse images of treasured books and pages, such as this 6th-10th gospel from a monastery in Tigray in Ethiopia…

Also note their large Lexicon of Manuscript Studies, among the many other features of the website. The Lexicon can also be searched across via Google Search: site: keyword

Added to JURN

The University of the South Pacific was recently kind enough to recommend JURN to students and researchers, which made me aware of their existence. Their full-text repository has been added to JURN, adding a range of research in areas such as ocean dynamics, ocean-life and aquaculture. Also added…

Journal of South Pacific Law

Melanesian Law Journal

NZLII collection of New Zealand law journals (various titles indexed)

Pacific Rim Report occasional papers series (as issue titles only)

Asia Pacific Perspectives

South Pacific Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, The (University of the South Pacific)

Anti click-jacking code

For your Web page, here’s strong anti-framejacking and anti-clickjacking code, which has been tested and currently busts nasty frame-jackers such as (aka Linkis). As such these snippets may be useful for journals and other academic services, to prevent legitimate content from being hijacked and surrounded by frames advertising ‘essay-writing services’ or predatory publisher services or worse.

Source: Stanford Security Lab via a recent blog post by Zipline Interactive, where there’s also additional defensive code to add to your website’s root .htaccess file (if you have FTP access and your host will allow upload of a changed .htaccess)…

Header set X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN

The .htaccess code is ‘as well as’, serving as a second line of deeper defence, and is not required for the first code suggestion to work in your Web page. Most modern Web browsers understand the self-explanatory SAMEORIGIN command when they hear it from a website.

Those with a hosted WordPress blog or journal may also want to consider the Frame Buster plugin. So far as I know there’s nothing similar for the Open Journal System (OJS) or Omeka or similar academic content plug-and-play systems. But perhaps there should be, if they don’t already have such counter-measures baked in?

More Knowledge Unlatched

Around two-thirds of the 2016 tranche of the Knowledge Unlatched open books are now available. Back in January I blogged about 106 Knowledge Unlatched titles available in public on OAPEN. Now there are 306 such titles at OAPEN. Though the Unlatched mirror at Hathi seems to be lagging, and today is still showing only 96 results for Unlatched titles with ‘Full View’ available.

OAPEN’s search is a bit basic, but one can kludge a list of the new books by doing a search for “KU Select 2016” which filters for the 200+ new titles.

Here’s my personal pick of the newly opened scholarship…

Before Einstein : The Fourth Dimension in Fin-de-Siecle Literature and Culture. The influence of pre-Relativity four-dimensional theory on culture.

Father of Persian Verse : Rudaki and his Poetry.

The Origins of Western Notation in revised English translation. The early history of musical notation.

Biopunk Dystopias : Genetic Engineering, Society and Science Fiction.

The Politics of Vaccination : A Global History.