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A useful tip for long 40-60 minute lecture videos on YouTube, where you’re already somewhat familiar with the topic: simply press “2” or “3” on your keyboard to skip the video to the 20% or 30% point in time — when the setup and preambles are over, and the speaker is likely to be getting around to the main point of their lecture.


CORE at 9m

Updated figures on the full-text stored at CORE, today.

CORE is now stated as locally holding 9m OA items in full-text, with 1.83m of those said to be newly-added full-text OA articles extracted from “Elsevier, Springer, Frontiers and PLoS”. Interestingly, the 9m total is described as being made up of both “full-text articles” and other “research outputs”. As such it would be useful to have a pie-chart of the relative proportions. What proportion of the headline 9m are “research outputs” rather than full-text articles, and what types predominate among those “research outputs”?

Another splash from Unsplash

Six months on, here’s another haul of my picks from the Unsplash CC0 Creative Commons collection, with batch reduction to manageable sizes. My previous picks were on themes of libraries and archives and the creative industries. Below is another round of creative industries pictures. Credits are embedded in the file-names…


Traditional folk culture performance:

Bugler / marching band:

Clay crafts:

Brush calligraphy:

Pen monitor (paint on the screen):

UI design:

Fine tailoring:

Composing classical music:

Performing classical music:

Live music:

Hand-carved wood design:

Archival work:

Free speech:

Lacking: people engaged in comic-book page production / hand-on-screen re: painting on pen monitors / field-recordings for radio production.

Facebook, sort by date

Force Facebook to sort-by-date on posts: facebook.com/?sk=h_chr Yes, you can do this with a setting in the F.B. Purity browser add-on, but it takes a few seconds to load the unsorted posts, then to reload as date-sorted. During which time you may glimpse the ghastliness that is the un-purified and un-adblocked version of Facebook. Using this URL is a far less clunky way of forcing the newest posts to the top of your main Facebook feed.


VitiSynth is a claimed “open access” database for wine and grape professionals. The site foregrounds recent research, and does an interesting auto-highlighting of industry-specific terms and details in research abstracts…

Also does auto-translation to English of Spanish abstracts etc.

There’s no RSS, though. And the website’s “open access” sub-title is rather misleading. The website is public, but the research being linked to is often pay-walled and there’s no “Open Access research only” filter for results.

Google Shorter?

I just ran a search on Google Scholar, and Scholar decided to present me with only two results (from Elsevier and Springer). The other 231 results (perfectly valid, often also from Elsevier and Springer) were hidden behind a small link to “See all results”. A curious new behaviour…

It seems we may need a browser add-on that forces “show all results” as the default page of results.