Google has just deployed a new Custom Search Element to Google CSE owners. This allows your users to do things like paste a JURN search engine box into their blog, and have it return results for their readers without having to leave the page.

Sadly, a hosted WordPress blog (like this one) gets all paranoid about security and strips out the code tags — and thus I can’t give you a demo here. really should whitelist all javascript that runs from But should you have a self-hosted blog, it will work well — and the snippet of code you need to copy and paste is here.

It gives results like those seen below. One nice thing I’d like to see added to the GCSE would be the ability to preset the results by keyword. Thus at the end of a blog post about, say, Pygmalion and Galatea, I could paste in a JURN search-engine box atop a set of pre-run results for pygmalion galatea


… but I guess that would never happen because then it would be used by blog-spammers to build fake blogs 😦