Here’s a useful tip: Google’s intitle: search modifier only works if the search-results title/link uses the phrase. It seems that Google is not reading the article title from your metadata, but instead reading it from the links on a larger ‘upstream’ set of search results pages. For instance, searching for intitle:”The Searchers” Ford will not pick up…

   “Home on the Range: Space, Nation, and Mobility in John Ford’s The Searchers
   from The Japanese Journal of American Studies, No. 13 (2002)

…because the article appears in search results as…


As you can see, “The Searchers” has dropped off the end of the link to be replaced with three dots. So using intitle: doesn’t find it.

Article titles should be around 50 characters or less (inc. spaces), to fit comfortably on a Google link. Or a 500-pixel width blog column, for that matter.

Google Scholar is more forgiving, only hitting the same problem at around 100 characters. But JURN works like the main Google, and so users should be aware of the difference.