My 10 most interesting new free search tools in 2009 (apart from JURN and Earworm of course):

1. Journal TOCs.

2. Hathi Trust Digital Library.

3. Microsoft Bing. Google responded by adding the useful filtering options on a sidebar. Google CSE’s add the new Custom Search Element.

4. Basic name authority in Google News results.

5. Various search-engines introduce filters allowing users to filter results for Creative Commons content.

6. Microsoft Academic Search (technology and computing-oriented, beta).

7. SurfClarity : persistent session-to-session URL blocking for your Google search results.

8. Auto-detect and auto-translate Chinese on the web, while keeping page-layouts intact.

9. OutWit Docs and Hub

10. AWOL’s comprehensive 2009 list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies. Not really a tool, but if you point an on-the-fly CSE at it, it becomes a search-engine that includes more content (e.g. contributor profiles, calls for papers) than the article-level indexing available via JURN.

And, of special note for innovation in the display of search results, Spezify. And for innovation in the parsing of “in the wild” citations, FireCite.

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