29 ejournals newly added to the JURN index:—

Claremont Review of Books (1981-2010. Most recent issue is by subscription only)

Mormon Historical Studies

Dialogue : a journal of Mormon thought

Charis : a Journal of Lutheran Scholarship, Thought, and Opinion

Journal of Oriental Studies

Hsi Lai Journal of Humanistic Buddhism


Ephemera : theory and politics in organization. (Much more hip than the title makes it sound, with articles such as “Dare to edit! : the politics of Wikipedia”; “The Refrain and Resistance : Music and Becoming-Jewish”; and “Creative Class or Administrative Class? : On Advertising and the ‘Underground'”.)

Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association Journal

Vertenes (Literature and Linguistics, mostly in Brazilian Portuguese — but also has some English articles such as “Deviations from realism on the Vietnam war novel”)

Brukenthal National Museum Scientific Review (History, Art History, Natural History, Restoration)

Pegasus : Berlin contributions in the preservation of antiquity (Mostly in German, but also has articles in English).

Military Review (2006-2010. Journal of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center). Has some articles on history (e.g.: “Lessons in Leadership: The Battle of Balaklava, 1854″), some reviews of history books, and some articles on ethics (e.g.: “Protection of Arts and Antiquities during Wartime”)

Mediterranean World, The (Journal of the Mediterranean Studies Group at Hitotsubashi University. Many articles in English)

Australian Defence Force Health Journal (Has a good number of historical articles: e.g.: “Imhotep and the Origins of Ancient Egyptian Military Medicine”; “Medical evacuation on the Kwai Noi River, 1943″; “Aeromedical evacuation – the first 100 years”)

International Journal of Wilderness (1995-2009. Has some cultural articles such as “Understanding the Cultural, Existence, and Bequest Values of Wilderness”, philosophical articles such as “Symbolism, Experience, and the Values of Wilderness” and “Wilderness and the Human Soul”, and occasional history book reviews.

Trumpeter: journal of Ecosophy, The (Philosophy. Unfortunately the journal is currently hardly indexed by Google — just two articles appear in the Google index)

Bulletin of The Dickens Fellowship (Japan Branch) (1995-2007. On the life and work of Charles Dickens). JURN is also indexing the Fellowship’s large archive of academic papers on Dickens

Harvard-Yenching Institute Working Papers Series

Formats : revista de comunicacio audiovisual (1997-2005. In English)

JAC online

Reviews in Cultural Theory

Tautosakos darbai / Folklore Studies (Lithuania. Some articles in English, such as “Christianity as a problem in folk cultural studies”)

Bulletin of Ancient Iranian History

Name-ye Iran-e Bastan : the International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies

Medieval Jewish Studies

Journal of Northeast Asian History (The javascript-driven TOCs only work in Internet Explorer, not in Firefox. Journal was possibly previously titled ‘Journal of Inner and East Asian Studies’?)

Colloquium Series Papers of the Yale University Program in Agrarian Studies (2004-2009. Has many papers on historical topics)

Prisma : Revista de Ciencias da Informacao e da Comunicacao do CETAC (Journal of Information Sciences and Communication of CETAC, Portugal. Some English articles, e.g.: “Drama Online : a New Interactive Narrative Model”)


About 250 free ebook chapters of the AU Press

About 650 free sample chapters from the University of Nebraska Press

About 300 free sample chapters from Cambria Press

Open books in the series Emerging Communication : studies on new technology and practices in communication

Proceedings of the Philosophy of Computer Games conference, 2009

Proceedings of Experiencing Games: Games, Play, and Players (First Nordic DIGRA conference, Aug 2010)

4,000+ archived journal articles on Buddhism at Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies

Proceedings of the 11th International Saga Conference 2000. 13th Conference already indexed. 12th and 14th conferences cannot be indexed.

Proceedings of the The Origins of the Europeans conferences (2001-2009, European archaeology and antiquity)

Proceedings of the five-year 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, August 2000. (Including the the papers of the AOI 16 strand which are stored on a different URL path. The 2005 conference proceedings have vanished from the web, and the website for 2005 is domain-squatted. The 2010 conference does not distinguish abstracts from full-text, and stores files in an undifferentiated and javascript-obfuscated database structure — and so cannot be indexed.

Also indexing a rare blog: Art History TOCs is the blog of Gabor Endrodi of Budapest, and it tracks/blogs the TOCs from open access art history journals, with a linkback to the relevant issue in each post. His list of tracked journals is here and includes many German-language titles.