The new Ion Book Saver, a $150 non-destructive book scanner for the home or office. You have to flip the pages manually, although it seems it’s far faster than a traditional flatbed scanner. Sadly the device only seems to be available from big retail stores in the USA, and not via Amazon or in the UK. It’ll be interesting to see if these become available to the UK privately, via eBay sellers, and at a reasonable premium.

I’d also like to see a video of how it copes with a fat hardback and a tight spine. The device lifts up via the handle, but doesn’t appear to have the weight or clips needed to keep pages flat in such circumstances. Still, it looks useful for quickly digitising a lot of old ephemera such as newsletters and magazines. Paper journals, too. The device saves to .jpg or .pdf on the slot-in SD card.

Ion — if you can send me a review device I’ll happily give it a detailed review here at the JURN blog 🙂