Three titles added to the JURN index:—

Slovene Studies Journal

Brief Chronicles: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Shakespearean Authorship Studies

Behemoth : a journal of civilisation (Mostly statecraft and policy, but also has some historical articles, such as: “Of vague war and vague peace in Argentina’s desert, 1775–1880”; “The Idea of the State and the Wandering Jew”; “The Kingdom of God: Martin Buber’s Critique of Messianic Politics”; “Exile and Diaspora: Jewish Concepts of Dispersion”; “”Exile” as a Theologico-Political Principle in Leo Strauss’s Jewish Thought”; and “Is “Warmth” a Mode of Social Behaviour? Considerations on a Cultural History of the Left-Alternative Milieu from the Late Sixties to the Mid Eighties”)


The Arts & Media special issue of Open Source Business Resource journal.