A new Chinese report that proposes measures to try to control what appears to be rampant corruption and plagiarism in mainland Chinese academic journals…

“Kang-Cheng Ruan, Yong-Ping Huang, Jin Pei, Gu Yaping and four others from the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Committee said that in recent years research had found academic corruption, which has not been successfully contained and is a growing trend, and is now appearing in new guises. Among these, plagiarism of papers, serious fraud, and academic corruption. It is common that research is forged, false and exaggerated. Research awards that are given as a result of corruption must be identified and cannot be ignored; [the unwarranted gaining of] research funding is the most serious result [of the problem] and leads to waste and [further] corruption. Academic corruption has even given birth to a corruption “industry.”

The second half of the article gives an outline of the measures being proposed to try to control the problem (which can be found in English: here).