Just published, details of the number of open access ejournals in the state-controlled Chinese National Knowledge Information (CNKI) database…

“We identified and analysed the 147 journals offering open access (OA) among the 2960 scholarly journals indexed by the Chinese National Knowledge Information (CNKI) database in the humanities and social sciences”

Dehau Hu. “The availability of open access journals in the humanities and social sciences in China“. Online at the Journal of Information Science, 4th January 2012.

In 2009 it was reported there were “1,856 print journals in the humanities” in the CNKI. It indexes journals from 1915 onwards. The pages were apparently until recently ‘hard’ scanned images of pages, in order to prevent keyword searches of full-text. No journal publication outside of the CNKI is permitted. PDFs are now available via this service.

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