How to get RSS feeds from a Google+ group:

1. Install the Feed+ for Google Chrome addon in your Web browser. Authenticate it.

2. Paste in the ID number, from the home URL of your target Google+ group.

3. The addon will then give you an RSS link for FeedDemon (or other dedicated RSS software), and also a link to send the feed to Google Reader.

My standalone FeedDemon software accepted and validated my test feed, and gave me a full list of the posts.

How to get RSS feeds from a Facebook group:

1. Grab the ID number of the Facebook group from the home URL.

2. Visit this Yahoo Pipes script — feed it the ID number and it will pop out a valid RSS feed for the group.

I’ve successfully used this to plug a Facebook group feed into the sidebars of several blogs.

How to get an RSS feed for any Facebook fan page:

1. Copy the end bit of your Fan page’s URL. e.g. the end bit from

2. Paste this onto the end of e.g.:

3. Run this new URL in your Web browser. Note and copy the ID number, found in the code that is returned.

4. Use this ID number to replace the ID number in this URL:

You now have a valid RSS feed for updates on your Facebook fan page.