JURN Search has been fully checked for the continuing presence of indexed articles in the Google Search results, via the use of adapted software originally meant for checking SEO back-links. Repairs of astray URLs were undertaken as a result, and there were also about 30 deletions of dead or domain-squatted URLs. Both the JURN Directory and the JURN search-engine are now as up-to-date and free of link-rot as they can be.

New titles added to JURN today:

bCeramics (Quarterly on ceramics, photography, and books).

South Asianist.

Electryone (ancient historical and philological issues).

Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought.

Dublin Review of Books.

Religion & Liberty.

Art Conservator.

Baconia (Francis Bacon).

Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter (promotion of books and publishing in the south parts of the planet).

Cultural Survival Quarterly.

Live Design Magazine (project profile features only).

Historical New Orleans Collection Quarterly.

OAH Newsletter (Organization of American Historians).

Post-Soviet Media Law & Policy Newsletter.

Projector, The (film studies at Bowling Green State University).

Sandlapper (history of South Carolina).

Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (1870-2001).

Wisconsin Academy review (1954-2008).

UCLA Journal of Law and Technology (re: media copyright, censorship etc).

Quarterly Archives, The (teaching of writing).

Weber : the Contemporary West.

Young Scholars in Writing.

Amirani (Caucasology, history of the Caucus region).

Uncommon Culture.