Here’s my new free quick-start template, for self-publishing authors starting to use Adobe InDesign CS6. I couldn’t find one at all that was in the classic book style, so I made one.

It’s a simple 6″ x 9″ ‘Classic Book Template’, with a style modelled on vintage book design.

It’s set up with the correct margins for the print-on-demand service. Autoflow of pasted text is already fully set up for you, and footnotes are fully set up and spaced. It should accommodate about 55,000 words or so, in its 104 pages.


Get it

It’s freeware. Small donations are welcome, if you find it useful.

Those wanting to import a scholarly book or dissertation into InDesign from a straight Word file might also take a look at this useful tutorial on importing a Word document with footnotes intact and correctly placed, and still “dynamic”.

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