I’ve found that the JURN search usage patterns conform fairly predictably to the academic year in the English-speaking world. Very slow during the long holiday in early/mid August, then building rapidly to a small peak in early September. Then a fallback until very early in October — when there’s a rapid soaring climb up to a high point which marks the start of the academic teaching year. Then JURN sees massive October/November traffic (probably more from students than academics), which slumps back (but not too far) at around about the point the Xmas party season starts in early December. Usage is still respectable then, and right through to the start of Xmas week — but as 23rd Dec hits the usage totally drops off a cliff. It then bubbles around at a low level over Xmas and New Year, before starting a slow-but-steady climb right through to a peak in mid March. There’s a predictable small slump for the Easter holidays, but usage is back up again by early April. From then on it’s a gentle downward coast to about 12th June, before several massive spikes at the end of June and the start of July (academics with time on their hands?), with lesser after-shocks of high usage through to the 15th of July.