Ross Mounce discusses the problems of blogging snippets from CC BY-NC-ND articles which forbid derivative works. Here’s a live example from Europeana. They couldn’t display a title-page preview, even if they wanted to, due to the no-derivatives licence…


Perhaps we need a little ‘show only a user-defined area’ PDF embedding widget like the excellent Snippage. Snippage lets you display a user-defined frameless fragment of any Web page on your Windows desktop, and have it refresh at regular intervals. Here it is in action on my desktop…


This is the BBC 5-day UK weather, snipped down to a live two-day tile. A version of Snippage for blog embedding of PDFs would of course embed the whole PDF (a bit clunky, but doesn’t violate the licence…), yet would show only a user-defined area of a specific page. Firefox’s open HTML5 render engine for PDFs might be the underlying tech to make it work.

Or we could just use a screenshot and plead ‘fair use’.