I’ve overhauled the code that’s driving search and display for JURN, plugging in newer v2 CSE code and and wrangling in some new CSS. JURN should now be a little faster than before, while giving Google a little less server overhead.


Changes, as seen above:

1. A spiffy new graphical “Search” button to click. Next to it is an X to click, which clears the search and starts over again.

2. Removed the confusing and misleading “Found 565,000 hits in 0.4 seconds…” notifications. Google was never providing JURN’s users that many hits anyway. It was just that valuable computational time was not being spent finessing down the main index numbers for the benefit of curated Custom Search users.

3. The search results page links — found at the very foot of the search results as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 — are now aligned left.

4. The faint dotted underline on links is now carried over onto the actual results links. Last week Google started taking underlines off search results altogether, though it was mostly tech-heads who spotted it being tested. For now, links are still underlined on the JURN results. But if underlines do get taken off Google links in the near future then I’d hope my faint dotted underline will remain to soften the blow for traditionalists.

5. A millisecond delay as the search-box loads, on first visiting the page.