Ok, I’m calling the recent big expansion and ‘spring cleaning’ of JURN complete. If anyone wishes to publicise this fact, perhaps to their newsletter readers or social networks or blogs, here’s some news blurb…

News, 25th April 2014: Jurn.org search-tool expands in scope

The open access search tool Jurn.org has just completed a significant expansion, undertaken throughout March/April 2014. Jurn.org had previously only indexed its core collection of over 4,000 arts and humanities ejournals, all open access or otherwise free. The new Jurn.org expansion has now added a large intake of business and law, science, biomedical and ecology related open access ejournals. Also new to Jurn.org are full-text theses at selected academic repositories, with an initial focus on including the bulk of the larger UK research repositories. Jurn.org has been built by hand, and highly curated, over a period of five years. Jurn is non profit and ad-free.