CultureCase, a new UK overlay service that provides a short plain-English summary of selected academic research on the impacts and effects of the arts and arts policy. There are OA links where possible, but most of the outbound links are to research that’s behind a paywall — which shows why these summaries may be especially useful for bootstrapping arts organisations which need to “make the case” for culture to sceptical bureaucrats. Though, in my experience, one does ideally need access to the original papers and reports since much arts advocacy research tends to rest on shaky foundations. Once you track back the estimates and ‘received wisdom’ factoids to their sources, the case being made can start to totter. This is especially true when people are making numbers claims about the boost to cultural employment or regional tourism income.

CultureCase currently has no links to OA journals on their links page, so I’ve sent them the following list…
Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy
Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management
Working Paper Series, The Princeton University Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies
Current Opinion in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy
Organizational Aesthetics
Arts Professional (UK, now free)

A Google search shows that CultureCase only have 27 OA articles at present, which can be found via a Google site: search. It would be useful if there was a tag which would collect all the open article records onto a single page.

The other problem is that they are linking to JSTOR and calling it ‘open access’ — but most people outside academia don’t have access to JSTOR, or only have very partial access.