An A-Z of Egyptology Books and Articles in PDF, with the URLs freshly collected and checked by the University of Memphis. In progress since December 2013 it seems, and now becoming more substantial. It’s only linking to free PDFs…

Sites which require institutional access or a password are not included — thus journals on JSTOR have not been indexed. Nor have papers available on or (BIFAO) been included here.”

Since their A-Z is a handy single page, I can make an on-the-fly Google CSE from the list, allowing a measure of full-text searching within the 3,600 selected PDFs. Not ideal, though, as an on-the-fly CSE picks up other PDFs stored on the same auto-truncated URLs, thus including paywalled items at big sites like Springer etc. A full hand-made Google CSE would be needed for a precise focus.