“On the visibility of Empirische Sonderpadagogik: a bibliometric analysis” (2014) examines how well Google Scholar covers seven German ‘special educational needs’ journals. It’s in German with a complex table but Google Scholar Digest kindly presents the article’s core findings in a more user-friendly format…


Google Scholar Digest also reports that the researchers found…

Only one of the [titles] is present in Web of Science, and two of them are in Scopus.”

This wasn’t a test of Open Access visibility, since on a quick investigation it seems the chosen titles are all paywalled. Three are published by Reinhardt Verlag, which are the journals indexed at 100% or very near by Google Scholar. Which to me suggests that for larger publishers Scholar may be doing a much better indexing job than Web of Science or Scopus. Google Search itself sees all of them, if only at the title/abstract level.

Unterrichtswissenschaften and back issues (Paywalled)

Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht (Paywalled)

Empirische Padagogik (Paywalled, TOCs seem to be Web-accessible only via their listings on PubPsych)

Zeitschrift für Heilpädagogik (Paywalled)

Heilpädagogische Forschung (Paywalled)

Vierteljahresschrift für Heilpädagogik und ihre Nachbargebiete (Paywalled)