How to download a large page image from an Issuu magazine:

1. Load the Issuu magazine.

2. Right click on the first page. “View Source”.

3. Near the top of the source code, look in the meta for link rel="image_src" href="[really-really-long-number---]/jpg/page_1.jpg"

4. Copy that image URL, and simply change page_1.jpg to page_18.jpg or whatever page you want to get.

Note that the page numbering between the Issuu magazine’s display and the original PDF may be astray by a few pages, and a little recalibration may be needed. Note also that you’re getting images of the entire page, not hi-res copies of the images used in the page.

I’m guessing this process could be automated by a Web browser plugin, to rip and recompile a PDF from the page images. It’s possible someone might want to do that if they wanted to stock their digital tablet with offline reading, perhaps for a remote vacation, in a situation where a niche or defunct magazine does not also provide a PDF download.