Juan Pablo Alperin, “The Public Impact of Latin America’s Approach to Open Access”, June 2015.

“It is evident that the degree of adoption of the OA models is fairly extensive [in Latin America], although there are no exact figures. … The highest estimate, although not based on a rigorous study, comes from the director of SciELO, an expert in scholarly communications in Latin America, who suggests that 95% of all online journals published within the region are fully OA. Unfortunately, none of the databases that collect subscription information provide an adequate sample from which to gather a more exact estimate.”

“The underlying assumption, found repeatedly in the OA literature, is that the OA portals in Latin America are seen as contributing to “development” by extending the readership and circulation of Latin American research, thereby connecting them to a global “system of science” [but until now] nobody has attempted to verify the underlying assumption that there is interest from a broader community of readers in accessing research from developing regions.”