I’m pleased to announce that the JURN blog now has a new page offering various ways to support JURN. The new page will host a (hopefully growing) range of digital download items that will help support JURN in terms of my time, the cost of hosting and general digital shoe-leather. I doubt I’ll sell more than a dozen or so downloads a year, but even that would help support JURN — and a few more sales beyond that might give me funds for marketing or to attend a UK open access conference.


So, first up is my $23 Microsoft Publisher magazine template. This is a substantial 28-page royalty-free template for the popular Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 (and higher) software. It has been designed by myself, as if a quality “small town” quarterly magazine, one aimed specifically at those wanting to sustain and revive a small American town or neighbourhood. But it can also be easily adapted to suit your own special interest, business sector, university or location. Just drop in your own pictures, and paste in new texts.

You can help support JURN by posting this news to Facebook or Twitter, or by suggesting the template to anyone who uses MS Publisher.

The images below show some sample page spreads from my new template…










(Cover photography by Colin Garrow, all other pictures are Wikipedia or CC0)

Get it here.