Is your 2013 free FeedDemon Pro 4.5 becoming annoying, in terms of its occasional ’15 second freeze’ problem on Windows? It’s nice software but is no longer under development. So I’ve taken another look around for alternative desktop RSS readers that are under active development, seeking something a touch faster but with the same or better features.

One ‘actively developed’ option is the new-ish QuiteRSS. A basic feature set, so far, but perfectly functional. AdBlock runs by default in the internal browser, and Flash is blocked with a click-to-play button. After install, for additional security you may want to uncheck: Tools | Options | ‘Help improve QuiteRSS by sending usage information’ and disable ‘Javascript’ and ‘External plugins’ in the internal browser. You can also block internal browser pages from setting cookies.

QuiteRSS offers search within your feeds, though only at the level of a per-folder search…


Also font size and font choice, across all display panes. So there is now one acceptable actively developed desktop Windows alternative to FeedDemon Pro. Which is good to know.

The only other — albeit unacceptable — actively developed desktop option is RSSOwl 2.2.1. Sadly it requires you to have Java installed to run it, which no one with any brain would install these days. Java is still an ongoing and massive security risk in Windows. Though you may have a workplace that forces your PC to have the Java environment installed, in which case you’ll find that RSSOwl does offer a particularly nice feature — to create new internal keyword-based feeds that selectively draw content from all your other feeds. So you could set up a series of wide-spectrum feeds, ignore them, but draw on them to create a new single key-phrase delimited feed. QuiteRSS isn’t yet that sophisticated.