GRAFT : Global Repositories Access — Full Text!
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A beta academic search tool from JURN. Index updated: January 2017.

“To graft” — to produce new hybrids by binding young twigs and buds into a mature rootstock.


I’m pleased to say that I’ve updated my global repository search tool, which came out in alpha in late 2009 and has been lurking over on the Guide page ever since. Of course JURN now also indexes the full-text at many of the larger American, European, UK and Commonwealth repositories, but that’s not ideal. Especially if you want keyword search of repository records and collection pages.

So the new GRAFT, as I’m calling it, is a Google search limited to a wide-spectrum sweep across the world’s repositories and archives. Records as well as fulltext. As such it’s still a bit “bare bones”, since it’s well known that Google doesn’t index many repositories very well, and if you have no ad-blocker installed then you may see Google’s ads. But it’s a vast improvement on the old retired 2009 version, and at some point I hope to get its URL-expanded spreadsheet form into a fully optimised curated CSE engine. For now, enjoy Google’s unbeatable relevance-ranking of results and blistering speed. Think of this as an open beta period — feedback is welcome. I’ll be running it in a group test soon, against OpenDOAR and other repository search tools.