ChimpFeedr RSS Feed Aggregator is a useful service from the popular MailChimp mailing-list service…

Enter a bunch of RSS feeds into ChimpFeedr, and we’ll mash ’em up into one master RSS feed.”

Since Yahoo Pipes is closing down at the end of September 2015, those with an RSS mixing pipe at Yahoo might be interested in this offshoot of the MailChimp service. And, being from a big company like MailChimp, it may be more reliable than other similar services.

To test it I popped in the RSS feed from each of Elsevier’s hybrid OA humanities-ish journals. There are not too many such journals offering OA, among their thousands of science journals, only about 15 titles or so. I assume that the resulting Chimp-tastic combo-feed captures all the OA articles currently published in these titles, though unfortunately it doesn’t re-sort by date with the most recent first.

I then used feed2js to get the combo-feed results onto a static HTML page [now removed]. The feed’s content came in with date, authors, title, abstract, and journal title. It also passed working links to the full-text articles.