I’ve added a new section on the JURN FAQ page: “I’m a linguist or country specialist. JURN wants to return mostly English results when I search using words in another language. How do I fix this?”

JURN does ‘auto-translate + add synonyms’ when a user searches using non-English keywords, while also auto-detecting your home nation. For instance, if you search from the UK for the single word…

مقارنة (Arabic, meaning: comparison, comparative)

… then the UK user sees search results containing مقارنة OR comparison OR comparative, with English language results predominating. Search instead for “مقارنة” (in inverted commas) and the majority of the search results are in Arabic.

This automatic nation-detection feature makes results more useful, for most people. But it may present a problem for linguists or country specialists who regularly search JURN, or for those who are part of a diaspora living outside their home nation. One solution might be to spoof your IP address via a free Web browser add-on, such as the easy-to-use Hola. Hola allows you to bypass the petty national restrictions that can be placed on access to Web content, by making you appear to be in another nation.