A new Ngram-based search tool for repositories, from an Australian student. openaccess.xyz is based on…

“A recent harvest of .edu, .gov, .ac and .org university websites, which I performed, produced around 16,000,000 papers. … I decided to prune a clean set of records (taking only the papers with near perfect metadata – dates, abstracts etc) and then present them in a Bookworm (the software which inspired the Google Books Ngram Viewer).”

As a keyword-based search tool it seems to give very poor results, judging by my test search for nesting bumblebees ecology. But, as an interface design for public search, it’s quite interestingly unusual.

For this early beta it might have been made made more useful by filtering the papers to make the focus much tighter. For instance, perhaps just a focus on the flora and fauna of Australasia.