There’s what may be the start of a flurry of long-form press publicity for Sci-Hub: “Meet the Robin Hood of Science” at Big Think, and “The Research Pirates of the Dark Web” at The Atlantic. Did they hire a good publicist, I wonder?

Also from Moscow, a new long Interview with CyberLeninka’s Chief Strategy Officer in English. It’s very long and I haven’t yet read it all that closely, but there are obviously some interesting statistics and also trenchant comments about Russian attitudes to predatory journals and to OA repositories.

“The Moscow-based CyberLeninka … reports that it currently hosts 940,000 papers from 990 journals, all of which are open access, and approximately 70% of which are available under a CC-BY licence. Significantly, it has achieved this without the support of either the Russian government, or any private venture capital… The service was created, and is maintained, by five people working from home.”

“Since ROAR indicates that CyberLeninka has just 257 records we might want to take these [ROAR] figures [on Russia] with a large dose of salt…”