Interesting to see a proposed layout for the planned $2.5m “Wikimedia Knowledge Engine”. Looks to me to be some sort of curated search engine for finding out more about topical in-the-news concerns. But presumably with all the media’s link-bait, faux news and drive-by parroting filtered out by the Wikipolice. The results probably then mingled with trusted sources on the topic (encyclopaedia pages, trusted source data, ‘source-watch’ type pages, perhaps even an OA journal article if that’s what the news reporting originated with).


Maybe also a timeline function for mapping how a recent news topic emerged across the media? Although the Web has been waiting donkeys’ years for an elegantly dynamic and editable timeline creator — so don’t your breath on that one.

The Wikimedia Foundation describes it thus…

Knowledge Engine By Wikipedia will democratize the discovery of media, news and information — it will make the Internet’s most relevant information more accessible and openly curated, and it will create an open data engine that’s completely free of commercial interests. Our new site will be the Internet’s first transparent search engine, and the first one that carries the reputation of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.”