A new OA tool from the French, doai.io. If you’ve found a live DOI Web link that can only take you to a paywall article, then replacing http://dx.doi.org/ with http://doai.io/ will get a URL that tries to find a free version via BASE.

BASE is only middling for finding open access articles. It currently has 3.1m OA journal articles in English, with those being overwhelmingly in science, technology and medicine…


… but it’s reported that doai.io now also looks for the article posted on ResearchGate.

The doai.io coding was completed back in November and it’s only just gone public, so it’s early days. They don’t yet have a Web browser add-on that will automate the fallback from dx.doi.org to doai.io. One has to wonder if the same add-on, which would presumably be open sourced, would be quickly forked to also serve Sci-Hub (which at present only has a Chrome add-on, and no Firefox add-on).