The new update to the posting UI at has killed for me, in the Firefox Web browser. The new posting form just never loads in Firefox — and I have AdBlock and NoScript disabled at The old browser bookmarklet has never worked for me in Firefox, so I can’t use that either.

In the Google Chrome browser, the post interface does appear, but the control graphics for it mysteriously fail to load, and there’s no snippet of text from the article being shown either…


Why do great Web services (Flickr, etc) feel compelled to ruin themselves by allowing idiot Web designers to mess around with what works and what people are familiar with, thus forcing many veteran users to look seriously at alternatives? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Anyway, here’s my functioning workaround for Firefox users who want to continue using—

1. Install the AddThis addon in Firefox, and set it to use a right-click option (otherwise it will clutter the screen with its additional bookmarks bar, ugh…) and than also set AddThis to reference You don’t have to give AddThis your log-on details at

2. On right-clicking anywhere on a Web page you want to Scoop you can now select “”, thus…


3. This will take you to a posting page that actually works in Firefox, but is cramped inside a phone/tablet-sized box. So click the enlarge icon…


4. A new window will then load, and the new posting interface will display fine in Firefox.


It does so with an URL of — thus proving that it wasn’t my Web browser’s addons or blockers that were preventing the posting form from loading in a standard Firefox page. Presumably the initial problem was down to the new posting UI’s interaction with other page elements.