A major new consultancy report, “How Readers Discover Content in Scholarly Publications” (March 2016)….

* “… people working in the Government, Corporate and Charity sectors think Google is the most important discovery resource for books.”

This sentiment would have been rather more pronounced, if the Google respondees had been bundled with those who favoured Google Books.

* “… people working in Humanities and Religion & Theology prefer to use Google [rather than Google Scholar, to find articles]”

* “… people in Humanities are much less likely to use ToC alerts [to find their ‘last article accessed’] and have “other sources” they may use.”

Wide-spectrum serendipitous ‘topic search’, of the sort enabled by JURN, is also strongly favoured in the Humanities….


And the researchers found that…

* “Librarians behave quite differently to everyone else in search, preferring professional search databases and library-acquired resources.”