Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation


A new section added to the JURN Directory, “Humanities in health, emotions and food”…

Health, Culture and Society.
Historia, Ciencias, Saude (history of the sciences and health).
Hygiea : An Interdisciplinary Journal on the History of Public Health.
International Journal of Dream Research.
Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation.
Journal of Near-Death Studies.
Journal of Religion and Health (via Paperity).
Medical Humanities (2000-2005).
Medical Humanities Journal of Boston College.
PsyArt : the online journal for the psychological study of the arts.
Sensoria : mind, brain and culture.
Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

European Journal of Humour Research.
Passions in Context (history of passions and emotions). (seems to have been sold, shortly after this post was posted)

Cuizine : The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures.
Digest : A Journal of Foodways and Culture.
Graduate Journal of Food Studies.
Locale : Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies.