Some new figures today on open access growth from the Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics blog. Imaginary Journal reports that Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is now at… “just under 89 million documents”. However a quick filter of BASE, for journal articles in English in OA, shows a figure of only 3.1m. And the vast majority of those are in medicine and science…


It’s interesting to hear that PubMed has recently made… “a transition in indexing practice (from manual to automatic)”. Hopefully that won’t affect the quality of the intake.

The DOAJ reportedly added “540 journals” this last quarter.

JURN isn’t counted by Imaginary Journal’s tally, but I’ve done a quick count via the ‘Added to JURN’ blog posts. JURN added 133 new journal titles (published in English) to the index in the first quarter of 2016. That would probably be more like 200, if the newly added non-English journals were also being counted on the blog.