I’ve just heard about the museum fire in Delhi, the capital of India…

“A huge blaze gutted India’s Museum of Natural History Tuesday, destroying six floors of the building and possibly countless collections of the country’s flora and fauna […] The museum is the first and only natural history museum in India [and was] also home to a reference library for scholars [with] more than 15,000 books.”

One hopes that there were no un-scanned unique archival runs of vintage paper journals, or unique notebooks, in the Library.


While the Museum’s traditional ‘stuffed animals’ style of presentation may have appeared antiquated to many Western and (it appears) a few Indian curators, its steady educational work seems to have encouraged real interest in the natural world among receptive young people in the city. One Indian wrote of the fire online…

“We have all been here, and knowing that this beautiful place — with its host of priceless artefacts — doesn’t exist any more is heart wrenching.”