And… after two weeks it seems to be more or less over, bar some futile shouting. At least for now. To paraphrase Churchill, “this may be the end of the beginning” of Brexit.

Leave won the Brexit debates before the vote, against huge opposition. Then Leave won the biggest popular vote in British history. Now Osborne and Javid have belatedly come on board for Leave, nicely capping the way that Leave has also won the last two weeks of post-vote media skirmishing.

So the UK is leaving the EU, and probably sooner rather than later. My bet is for an April 2018 Leave, with all the trailing loose ends tied off by June 2019.

I can’t see that it’ll have any real impact on our open access journal publishing, which already seems well aligned with the free-booting outward-looking post-Brexit worldview. Beyond that, Brexit looks set to present a huge opportunity for our higher education, science, data and publishing sectors — once they stop the futile moaning and biting-of-carpets, and look to the future.