This a fun new search-engine: The Earth Awaits – Find Cities in Your Budget. Find where you can live on earth, and at the budget you can afford. It also needs to have a big red button that factors in: “…and I need reliable flat-rate broadband Internet of at least 2Mb/s”, but apart from that it’s a fascinating service.


I can apparently live very frugally in Mangalore, India, in a one-bed apartment for just $350 a month (I’m factoring in air tickets and extra broadband and air-conditioner rental). Wikipedia tells me Mangalore is a busy port city with a tropical climate, and it takes pride in being one of the “cleanest cities in India”. Subject to the monsoon but “extremely dry from December to March” with “56 per cent humidity in January” and temperatures getting to 90 degrees at noon. Not too bad, and certainly better than an English November-March winter. One can see how an un-regarded city’s authority might want to hook up with apartment rental services such as Airbnb and The Earth Awaits etc. To offer worthy western graduates a six month ‘you only work via the Internet, not locally’ residency visa, via advertising on such websites as The Earth Awaits.