A ‘science search’ tool has just launched in a new 2.0 version. Iris AI certainly has a nice and fast visual interface, which I read is new with version 2.0. The concept-grouping demo seems to use the UK’s CORE repository database (I couldn’t find any other links) and offers some 30m papers. As such Iris AI 2.0 appears to demo a “pilot” commercial in-house product that is being pitched at high-end business firms. Firms who need a good-looking “science assistant” option alongside traditional keyword search. I guess it would also be a user-friendly way for marketing / recruitment / competitor-research / horizon-scouting teams to garner useful keywords and phrases in highly technical subject areas. Perhaps also to access a firm’s own knowledge repository in a split-screen manner (trade press and relevant journals on one side, in-house repository on the other = then play ‘spot the difference’). I can’t comment on Iris AI’s apparent ‘neural net’, ‘machine learning’ and ‘AI’ aspects, but these days one has to assume that such things may not just be marketing buzzwords.