New Eastern Europe.

Laboratory Phonology.

Humanum Review (Quarterly Review of the John Paul II Institute).

Jewish Observer (1966—) (Difficult to index, sadly, despite indexing the TOCs at*/ and also the PDFs at*/*/JO*.pdf – where * is a wildcard. Someone might care to make a proper TOCs blog for the title, which would be better indexed by Google?)

Selected out-of-print issues of Ars Orientalis and Ars Islamica as full-text (the same volumes were already partly covered by the Smithsonian, but only via bare record pages interfacing with an book-player).

Now indexing the Burlington magazine (art history) full-text volumes directly on

Better indexing of the publications of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

PLOS articles are now less verbose in JURN search results. JURN now focusses results on the core article, by actively excluding sub-pages for ‘figures’ / ‘citations’ / ‘supplementary’ / ‘comments’. A similar measure has been taken to make Nature’s open article content less verbose, by excluding the ‘tables’ pages for their articles.

Online publications of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and their journal Diagonal.

Transvaal Museum Monographs.