Now updated and available as a Microsoft Office Excel .xls file (750kb)…

Surfmarket [has] made a list of more than 7,400 journals in which […] Dutch universities and academic hospitals can publish in open access for free or with a substantial discount.”

570 of the titles fit the arts & humanities category, and these are all published by a small handful of establishment publishers.

It’s not possible to separate out the list’s eco/nature titles, since the “Natuur” category is too broad. At one end it ranges from New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research through to Potato Research, and at the other end goes spinning off into chemistry, maths and physics titles like Polymer Bulletin, Probability Theory and Related Fields, and Progress in Nuclear Energy.

I thought the list might be a useful source of some new URLs for JURN. But there doesn’t yet seem to be any way to filter journals by their “hybrid OA” / “wholly OA” status. Random sampling of the list of the 570 humanities titles suggests most are hybrid, and that as yet they only have a few OA articles in them. Thought doubtless that will start to change, once mandates start to operate fully.