Around two-thirds of the 2016 tranche of the Knowledge Unlatched open books are now available. Back in January I blogged about 106 Knowledge Unlatched titles available in public on OAPEN. Now there are 306 such titles at OAPEN. Though the Unlatched mirror at Hathi seems to be lagging, and today is still showing only 96 results for Unlatched titles with ‘Full View’ available.

OAPEN’s search is a bit basic, but one can kludge a list of the new books by doing a search for “KU Select 2016” which filters for the 200+ new titles.

Here’s my personal pick of the newly opened scholarship…

Before Einstein : The Fourth Dimension in Fin-de-Siecle Literature and Culture. The influence of pre-Relativity four-dimensional theory on culture.

Father of Persian Verse : Rudaki and his Poetry.

The Origins of Western Notation in revised English translation. The early history of musical notation.

Biopunk Dystopias : Genetic Engineering, Society and Science Fiction.

The Politics of Vaccination : A Global History.