offers books as unprocessed hi-res .jp2 image scan files, but once unpacked these don’t preview as thumbnails natively in Windows. Have you ever played “spot the page”, as a result, trying to find a picture among the pages? The quick solution to that problem is the freeware IrfanView and its JP2 (JPG-2000) Plugin pack.

Note that there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of both, and it’s easy to mix them up. I only had success with 64-bit IrfanView + 64-bit plugins.

You may also find you need to enable the plugin via the Help | Plugins menu.

Another great addition to IrfanView. In fact, IrfanView would also be absolutely perfect as a general picture manager, if only there was some way to make a simple persistent bookmark of a folder. There isn’t. It has everything else, but it even with all its plugins it lacks the most obvious and basic feature — folder bookmarking!