I’ve waved goodbye to the Foxit Reader software on Windows. Foxit had added one to many nags, extra bits of unwanted ‘extra’ software such as its Connected module, and generally felt like it was headed toward more and more bloat. Then there was the recent security glitch which still isn’t patched.

I’m now using the freeware Sumatra PDF instead, with its Book view (Cover page + Facing pages) for magazines and books. This view mode is found under Settings | View | Book View. Super-quick launch and very smooth page-turn.

You can set Sumatra PDF to always launch in Book mode by editing the Advanced settings list. Find:

DefaultDisplayMode = automatic

and change this to…

DefaultDisplayMode = book view

The other initial drawback appears to be a slight sliver of gutter between double-page spreads, which spoils magazine spreads in art / architecture / fashion etc magazines. This can also be fixed in the Advanced settings. Find:

PageSpacing = 4 4

and change this to…

PageSpacing = 0 0

It also has an ugly icon for PDF documents, in a garish yellow. To change this on Windows 8.1.x use the freeware FileTypesMan. Scroll to the .pdf setting, and double-click it. From there you can assign a new icon for PDFs.