Are you regularly annoyed by Google Search’s spammy slide-in panel labelled “More Info”? It’s also known as the “Local Info” or “Info Panel” among marketeers.

I have no use for it whatsoever, and it’s just another whizzy and distinctly spammy distraction from proper search. It tends to appear when doing local searches, but I’m almost never searching for an eatery / hotel / venue ‘to book’. Instead I’m looking for pages that give long-range advance details about forthcoming events, such as conferences, events which are set to happen locally over the coming months or even into next year. So I can feed them through into special-interest local Facebook groups. In which case Google’s panel becomes yet another annoying example of dumb auto-suggest getting it wrong.

How to block it? In AdBlock Plus, with the Element Hiding Helper installed, this slide-in panel can be blocked for Google Search UK with…


… etc, would also work.