I see that I missed the publication of a new book about Google Search. Harnessing the Power of Google: What Every Researcher Should Know was released in summer 2017, when I wasn’t paying much attention to news. It’s a short primer of 150 pages and the contents list looks very encouraging. These contents seem to chime with a blog review and an Amazon review, which both suggest the book is aimed at… “librarians who will be working with researchers”. Implying researchers of the type who will expect to be working with expert Google users rather than Google-phobics.

It’s possible to peer inside the book via Google Books. Sadly this shows that the book doesn’t mention the rich possibilities of Google Custom Search, as a keyword search of the text shows no results for either “custom search” or “CSE”.

It appears that the book has yet to receive any open/public reviews from librarians. But the business researcher blog Infonista has a polished and informative review.