Have a UserScript addon in your Web browser? Then here’s a new script that lets you install a link to JURN into the top links bar in Google Search, thus…

With a search-query typed into the Google Search box, you then simply click on the new “Jurn” link. This sends your search-query over to the JURN CSE (hosted by Google), and runs it there. That’s all it does, but hopefully it will prove useful to many users.

To install for Google Search:

1. If you don’t already have one, install a UserScript handler addon in your desktop Web browser. [ Opera: Tampermonkey | Chrome: Tampermonkey | Firefox: Greasemonkey | Pale Moon: Greasemonkey for Pale Moon, etc.] Un-tick any “send anonymous usage data” check-boxes etc.

2. Then visit the GreasyFork page for the JURN UserScript. Click on “Install this script”. (If the “Install” button doesn’t show up, you may need to whitelist greasyfork.org in your script-blocker)

Opera users also need to make sure that “Allow access to search page results” is ticked for Tampermonkey…

3. That should be all you need to do. Check that you have a new “Jurn” link on your Google Search top-links. You can manage the script and see its code via the UserScript handler addon in your brower.

To get a similar link at the top of DuckDuckGo:

A very similar link for the excellent DuckDuckGo search-engine can be added with the DuckDuckMenu UserScript.

1. Install the DuckDuckMenu UserScript.

2. Then visit DuckDuckGo and run a ‘test’ search. At the top of the page you now have a new list of links which can be configured. Clicking on a link here will take your DuckDuckGo search query and run it in another search service.

3. To add JURN to this new menu, click “Edit menu”. Remove any unwanted default links that ship with the script, then add JURN:


To also add Google Books and Scholar alongside your new JURN link, also add these links:



If you find that you get sent to local versions of Google, and want to skip the transfer, simply replace the .com bit with whatever your national Google domain is (e.g. google.co.uk).