The Directory of 3,000 arts & humanities journals in JURN can now be had on this blog as a saved PDF, in its latest version (currently 20th May 2018). Those who disliked the scripted “bouncy-puppy” effect will be pleased to know the Directory’s sections are now fully expanded.

It’s been saved from the HTML as a PDF for A2 paper in landscape format, to accommodate the HTML wide-screen layout, although I doubt anyone will want to print it out at that size. Future updates will be versioned, with number and date added to the file-name.

Note that Microsoft Reader can’t seem to handle external Web links in PDFs. Adobe Acrobat, SumatraPDF etc work fine and offer clickable Web links. Some side-scrolling may be needed, if you have the likes of SumatraPDF hard-coded for magazine reading with ‘cover page + double-page spreads’.