WorldBrain for Chrome : “Full-text search of your Web browsing history and bookmarks. Find previously visited websites & PDFs in seconds.” Works in Opera too, and presumably any browser which supports Chrome extensions and addons.

On install it offered to import my last 90 days of visited URLs from my History, thought it fatally ‘hung’ at 2% and couldn’t get past that even in a few hours. However, that 2% was all I needed, since it was going through the URLs in reverse date order and thus had grabbed the last few days. I cancelled and was left with what I actually wanted: not 90 days’ worth of browsing, but just the last few days to start me off.

You can also Blacklist sites that don’t need to be cached locally, and Google Maps is blacklisted by default. One very important filter you need to add before you do anything is Google and DuckDuckGo searches, or hitting them all again in an automated fashion may cause you to be blocked by those services. Once the initial import is done, you can then unblock the main search-engines and they will cache naturally as you browse.

You’ll also want to visit the Privacy settings and ensure that some things are off/on.

It’s only getting the text, stripped of HTML. Therefore partial searches for filenames of pictures and .zips presumably won’t work, since they’re in the HTML code. Even so, one potential problem appears to be that there’s no rolling “delete page files after 90-days” setting. Presumably your local cache just goes on growing and growing, which may not be so good for those with over-stuffed hard-drives.

You also get a personal annotation and tagging tool as a discreet sidebar button. This also gives you a way to get to the Search interface, if you don’t want the creepy ‘staring eyes’ WorldBrain icon on your Bookmarks bar.